Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Man cleaning carpet

SERVPRO's Carpet Cleaning Services

Did you rent a machine the last time your carpeting needed cleaning?  The machines that are available at the big box stores do not often have adequate water extraction, leaving wet debris and damaging your carpets. SERVPRO of Newark provides carpet cleaning and has powerful extractors to ensure that we remove the water and dirt from your carpet.  Call us today!  

Newark Tech Is Not on the Moon

Our team of skilled technicians often don PPE personal protective equipment to perform decontamination treatments at homes in Newark and the surrounding areas. We are still about 239,000 miles from the Moon, but given enough time, I am sure we can treat the place. Respirators, gloves, boots, and a Tyvek suit protect our team just as we endeavor to protect your family. Need help with mold removal and remediation? How about some "flood cuts," to manage the decontamination and drying processes? We can help at SERVPRO; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

White Fabric Cleaning

This was a challenging cleaning to make this cubicle white again.  This fabric is in an area that gets a lot of use and it was heavily soiled when we first arrived.  Look at the amazing results!


Fernando is making sure the ceiling was cleaned 100%.  He is spot checking the high and hard to reach areas.  He is an exceptional cleaner and has over twenty years experience.


This cat was a kitten that came to us after a fire destroyed her home.  She was weeks old.  Figaro is now almost seven! She looks scared in the picture but that is only because she is getting her check up at the doctors.


People often tell us we are "Hero's".  It is humbling to hear that and we do not think of ourselves that way.  We are just doing what we love to do.

Spotting of Truck

Our SERVPRO of Newark trucks are always easy to spot working hard. We randomly get pictures that show our trucks out there working hard.  You cans spot our cars, trucks and vans everywhere.

Golf Sponsor

Here is SERVPRO of Newark at a community event.  We try to support our local companies.  This is at a golf outing. It was such a hot and humid day.

SERVPRO of Newark does Textile Cleaning

At SERVPRO of Newark we take pride in our customers textiles after a loss. Here is a section of our textile room. The ironing board is state of the art.