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SERVPRO techs in retail store with a wet floor

Newark Retail Store Gets Rapid Response Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

SERVPRO techs work safely first and foremost when handling commercial water damage cleanup such as in this Newark retail store. The signs warning of a wet floor during the mitigation process help to avoid slip and fall accidents.

Wood framework in home with yellow mold damage

Mold Damage Comes in Many Colors in Newark Properties

When it comes to mold damage remediation, sometimes Newark property owners mistake the visible presence of mold as another issue. Mold colonies may appear in many colors, as shown in this photo: yellow. No matter what the color, the techs have the equipment and experience to handle it.

SERVPRO technician in protective clothing cleaning

Containment Needed During Newark Mold Remediation

To avoid cross-contamination during mold damage remediation in Newark, SERVPRO technicians put up plastic barriers. The technician shown is removing the damaged wall down to the plywood. It is commonplace for technicians to run an air scrubber that captures airborne mold spores.

Man cleaning carpet

SERVPRO's Carpet Cleaning Services

Did you rent a machine the last time your carpeting needed cleaning?  The machines that are available at the big box stores do not often have adequate water extraction, leaving wet debris and damaging your carpets. SERVPRO of Newark provides carpet cleaning and has powerful extractors to ensure that we remove the water and dirt from your carpet.  Call us today!  

Newark Tech Is Not on the Moon

Our team of skilled technicians often don PPE personal protective equipment to perform decontamination treatments at homes in Newark and the surrounding areas. We are still about 239,000 miles from the Moon, but given enough time, I am sure we can treat the place. Respirators, gloves, boots, and a Tyvek suit protect our team just as we endeavor to protect your family. Need help with mold removal and remediation? How about some "flood cuts," to manage the decontamination and drying processes? We can help at SERVPRO; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.


Here are two technicians, Matt and Shatie.  They believe in teamwork all the way.   Both of these fellows have worked on SERVPRO of Newark's team for over 5 years!  

Sand Blasting in Progress

Here is Sean using the sand blasting technique to remove graffiti from street signs. We can use multiple machines to perform this work but he choose this and the results show. We were able to remove it 100% for the town.  

This Roof is High!

Check out the view our SERVPRO of Newark technician has while boarding up a roof.  I do not know about you but I could not be up there, even if I was tied off like they were.

Mold in Bathroom

Here is some microbial growth that was found in a bathroom.  You can see where the mold had been growing for a period of time and someone just kept painting over the area.  

Busy Office

Here is part of the SERVPRO of Newark front office where chaos ensues.  We have an extremely busy office up front.  This is where you can find action 24/7/365. 

Desiccant & Generator In Use

Here is one of our generators and one of desiccants in use at a job site.  This building sustained water damage and needed us to dry it out properly and quickly. 

First Aid Kits

Every year we replace first aid kits in our trucks.  Of course they are stocked regularly throughout the year if needed but we make it a task to replace every year as well.

Cellulose Insulation Removal

Here is a snap shot of one of the crews here cleaning up cellulose, or blown in, insulation from an attic.  You can see the machine quickly fills up our SERVPRO bags.  

White Fabric Cleaning

This was a challenging cleaning to make this cubicle white again.  This fabric is in an area that gets a lot of use and it was heavily soiled when we first arrived.  Look at the amazing results!

Peeling Paneling

This picture shows an area of a basement that was so damp and wet that the paneling literally peeled off the walls and mold grew behind it.  SERVPRO was able to help the homeowner out successfully.


Fernando is making sure the ceiling was cleaned 100%.  He is spot checking the high and hard to reach areas.  He is an exceptional cleaner and has over twenty years experience.


This cat was a kitten that came to us after a fire destroyed her home.  She was weeks old.  Figaro is now almost seven! She looks scared in the picture but that is only because she is getting her check up at the doctors.


People often tell us we are "Hero's".  It is humbling to hear that and we do not think of ourselves that way.  We are just doing what we love to do.

Spotting of Truck

Our SERVPRO of Newark trucks are always easy to spot working hard. We randomly get pictures that show our trucks out there working hard.  You cans spot our cars, trucks and vans everywhere.

Golf Sponsor

Here is SERVPRO of Newark at a community event.  We try to support our local companies.  This is at a golf outing. It was such a hot and humid day.

SERVPRO of Newark does Textile Cleaning

At SERVPRO of Newark we take pride in our customers textiles after a loss. Here is a section of our textile room. The ironing board is state of the art.

Carpets half cleaned

Look at the difference in this stairway! The left side is not cleaned while the right side we cleaned.  SERVPRO of Newark is great at carpet cleaning! We clean carpets everyday and our technicians are SERVPRO Certified.

Winter Damage

A lot of our calls during the winter are due to water damages and many households share the same source. This photo shows what a burst pipe looks like after it has been removed from a households plumbing system. This is what we normally come across when searching for the source of a water damage.

Duct Cleaning

One of our technicians is reaching into this duct system to do a final check on our cleaning. A small fire in this home caused soot to build up in the duct system that runs throughout the home.

Mold Growth in Flooring

These wooden floor boards have been holding mold growth after a water leak. The water has discolored the wood and moisture has been absorbed into the flooring. This can be avoided in wood flooring by starting the drying process in a timely fashion.

Upholstery Cleaning

Sometimes we clean cars for car dealerships that have been in accidents that cause a mess, or when upholstery inside the vehicles need cleaning. Here are some of our team members working on an upholstery cleaning.

Cold Temperatures & Bursting Pipes

Here you can see our bright green fans were set up in the lobby of this apartment building after a pipe had burst. During these extremely cold temperatures, pipes sometimes burst due to water freezing and expanding inside of them.

Faulty Sprinkler System

This photo shows the after math of a faulty sprinkler system. When the kitchen of this retirement home caused the sprinkler system to go off, the entire first floor was soaked. Luckily there was no fire to begin with, just a lot of water in the end.

Mold in Dark & Damp Places

Here is a photo of a large amount of mold growth in a basement. What has made this basement so vulnerable to mold growth is the dark damp environment. The drywall has no light to dry out in which causes the opportunity for mold.

Stove Top Fire

This photo shows the results of a stove top being left on and unattended for too long. It was eventually forgotten about and caught fire. The kitchen has severe soot damage due to the fire from the stove top coils.

Morning Call

Winter storms can cause serious problems for buildings. Here we have some of our generators on the scene while we conduct a water extraction in the early hours of the morning.

Water Damage Causes Ceiling to Collapse

This photo was taken in one of the many hotel rooms that had major water damage after a water line broke. You can see on the beds and carpet, that the ceiling fell down after filling with water.

Fallen Tree

During a summer windy storm a tree in the yard fell on a home.  The tree penetrated the roof and went into the bedroom. Luckily no one was in the bedroom during the night when the damage occurred.

Closet Mold

This closet had flooded months before and not taken care of properly. Since then, the carpet has soaked up the moisture and caused mold growth in the corners of the closet. Sometimes areas like these go long periods of time without being detected.

New Desiccant

We put our new desiccant to work as soon as possible after this major storm. We had our new desiccant, a generator, and a lot of fans. It turned out to be quite the operation!

Restaurant Duct Cleanings

Kitchen ventilation and ducts can get pretty dirty within a few weeks in a commercial restaurant. Grease, steam, and different oils eventually coat the machines and become a real hazard. Sometimes grease build ups are had to remove and call for professional cleaning assistance!

Carpet Damage

Here is a separate basement apartment located in a home in Newark that has been damaged by a large storm. The carpet was dried and cleaned back to its original state.

Circulation in the Hallway

You can see in this photo there has been some major damage to the lower sections of the drywall. We have plenty of fans working to keep air flowing through the walls and the hallway to dry it out.

New Desiccant is Put to Use!

We put our new desiccant to work as soon as possible after this major storm. We had our new desiccant, a generator, and a lot of fans. It turned out to be quite the operation!

Kitchen Fire

This kitchen fire was caused by the stove being left on and unattended. You can see above where the stove used to be located the burn marks against the wall of where the fire had started.

SERVPRO Cleans Contents After Fire

A few of our technicians working hard to get contents cleaned and packed back up from a tragic house fire.  This is one of our cleaning bays where the contents come in dirty. They are inspected, taken out, cleaned and re-boxed.

Fire in the Office

This office fire was dowsed by an appropriately functioning sprinkler system installed throughout the building. Sprinkler systems have the potential to lower insurance rates by up to 15%. Make sure your building has an adequate system.

Storm Damage at Newark School

SERVPRO demonstrates an unique way of drying a gym floor at a local Youth Center.  The results were successful. SERVPRO uses an unconventional method to control the humidity levels in the vast area.

Surprise Baby Shower

In the middle of our storm season, we threw a surprise baby shower for Katherine our office manager. We squeezed all the snacks, cake, presents, and celebrating into one morning as our busy storm season is picking up. 

Behind Paneling

As we have explained in some of our blog posts, mold can often grow behind wallpaper and paneling where it is likely to stay moist. Here is an example of a mold remediation job we did after checking the paneling.

Basement Closet with Mold Growth

Basements and damp areas in your house are the perfect places for mold growth. Water damaged areas are also likely to cause the growth of mold and need to be cleaned and dried thoroughly to reduce the risk.

Mold Growth on Construction Site

Here is a photo of a construction site that was preparing to renovate this portion of a large building. Unfortunately they ran in to mold before they could start and as you can see we removed the affected drywall so that the construction company could proceed.

Very High Water Level

After a brutal storm and a flash flood warning, a handful of homes had extreme flooding and water damage throughout their homes. Here is a photo of the scene we walked into after getting a water damage call.

Office Water Damage

Here is an office building that was flooded and damaged after a pipe burst in the ceiling. As you can see, the ceiling tiles came down with the water and their were many offices in the building that looked similar to this.

SERVPRO Restores Auditorium

Here is an auditorium to a music studio and art school. You can see in the photo that all of our fans across the seating are faced upward towards the ceiling. This is to circulate the air throughout the whole room and make sure to dry out the ceiling which was where the water damage had begun.

Unexpected Cleaning

Here are two guys sent to do a simple oven clean at a restaurant in the Newark area.  What should have been a task for two to four hours ended up being over eight hours! When SERVPRO of Newark pulled out the oven such a sight was to be found.  The team worked tirelessly through the night to get the job done.  We had to make sure the restaurant was able to re-open the next morning.

Commercial Water Damage

Water Damage in a commercial place can be challenging.  Our Project Manager on site  will effectively communicate and ensure consistent  communication.  This large job was a challenge yet successful. We were happy to have helped.

Toilet Overflow

SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere was called into for a small toilet overflow. This is what the crew walked into upon arrival. It can be a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!

SERVPRO is Faster to Any Size Disaster

Check out one of our signs. This is one of our signs that we use for events or at functions.  It is a big board that has lights surrounding it and even has special sound effects. What a fun board to bring to events.

Look at what lurks!

Look at the mold hiding in this locker room! This was behind a locker lurking.  SERVPRO was called out to investigate an odor. This microbial growth is what we found.

Storm Damage

Look at what this storm did to this beautiful home! When big heavy winds come blowing through and high rains minor to major storm damage can occur.  We are SERVPRO of Newark and we are here to help.

Girls Overworked

Three ladies at SERVPRO are letting off some steam from a hard week!  SERVPRO gals work hard and need to play hard too.  You do not have to be crazy to work here we will train you.

Rainbow over SERVPRO

We have a beautiful rainbow over our shop! SERVPRO always thinks of ourselves as being the help at the end of the rainbow.  We love seeing the colors of the spectrum.

Sales and Marketing Car

One of Sales and Marketing vehicles at SERVPRO of Newark. The little car earned a nickname of the Gerkin.  This little machine gets us a lot of miles to the gallon and it is fun to drive.

Water Damage

We work as a team on every job we do here at SERVPRO of Newark! SERVPRO of Newark loves to help out those in need. SERVPRO understands the church concerns and we do the best we can with accommodate those needs.

Lead Certification

A group shot of some of our best at SERVPRO of Newark getting their Lead Certification Renewals.  This bi-annual certification is a fun way to send some of our crew members out to get re-certified.  We always make sure we make a challenge of this and see who gets the highest score on the test.

"Rock your Socks"

SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere participated in "Rock Your Socks" for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day! We enjoy helping raise awareness for all kinds of different causes.  This "Rock Your Socks" day we wore these all day!

Truck Wrap

SERVPRO of Newark has a new truck wrap!  We add to our SERVPRO fleet as needed and we try to keep up vehicles up to date. We are proud to say we have a fleet of 28!

Pam, Tara and Kat

Having a dress down Fun Friday!  These three girls, Pam, Tara and Kat sure know how to have fun when a dress down day happens.  These three ladies are very talented and bright.

SERVPRO makes news

SERVPRO saves a family pet alive after fire. After this fire, while there was snow still on the ground, the family was distraught when the pet was missing.  SERVPRO of Newark found the pet buried in the debris alive the following day. No worries the pet survived and received medical care.

Bob M. in Water up to waist

It is commom to find water up to our waists.  Especially during a storm when electric goes out! Here you can see a technician has his hands full on this water loss.


SERVPRO of Hockessin sponsors winning hole! Here we have placed our SERVPRO of Newark Flag on the ninth hole.  If the winner were to get a hole in one on this hole, he/she would win a very special prize.

Corey & Cait

SERVPRO supports our HAC functions! HAC is a health and well being center locally here.  We participated in educating the patrons in how to save on water costs and also how to take preventative measures in their homes to help with preventing water damages.

Honor Award

Tara poses with Kat with her cherished trophy for hard work! These trophies are just a reminder of all the hard work, dedication and hours put in to help all those in need.

School Gym Floor

SERVPRO demonstrates an unique way of drying a gym floor at a local Youth Center.  The results were successful. SERVPRO uses an unconventional method to control the humidity levels in the vast area.

Faster to any size Disaster

SERVPRO can help you or your business; big or small. This billboard sits high along the interstate.  It does not look big from this picture but it really is quite large.


SERVPRO helps school re-open. This school was in desperate need of help. The cold frigid weather froze a pipe and caused it to burst making a mess in the main hallways.