Water Damage Photo Gallery

Winter Damage

A lot of our calls during the winter are due to water damages and many households share the same source. This photo shows what a burst pipe looks like after it has been removed from a households plumbing system. This is what we normally come across when searching for the source of a water damage.

Faulty Sprinkler System

This photo shows the after math of a faulty sprinkler system. When the kitchen of this retirement home caused the sprinkler system to go off, the entire first floor was soaked. Luckily there was no fire to begin with, just a lot of water in the end.

Morning Call

Winter storms can cause serious problems for buildings. Here we have some of our generators on the scene while we conduct a water extraction in the early hours of the morning.

Carpet Damage

Here is a separate basement apartment located in a home in Newark that has been damaged by a large storm. The carpet was dried and cleaned back to its original state.

Very High Water Level

After a brutal storm and a flash flood warning, a handful of homes had extreme flooding and water damage throughout their homes. Here is a photo of the scene we walked into after getting a water damage call.

Office Water Damage

Here is an office building that was flooded and damaged after a pipe burst in the ceiling. As you can see, the ceiling tiles came down with the water and their were many offices in the building that looked similar to this.

Commercial Water Damage

Water Damage in a commercial place can be challenging.  Our Project Manager on site  will effectively communicate and ensure consistent  communication.  This large job was a challenge yet successful. We were happy to have helped.

Water Damage

We work as a team on every job we do here at SERVPRO of Newark! SERVPRO of Newark loves to help out those in need. SERVPRO understands the church concerns and we do the best we can with accommodate those needs.