Recent Before & After Photos

Cots in Shelter

Emergency Shelters sometimes offer sleeping arrangements for emergency situations.  Often these shelters cannot accommodate thousands of cots but they can ... READ MORE

Roof Tarp

Placing a roof tarp on a structure varies from very easy to very difficult.  This home has sustained wind damage to the roof and lost shingles during the s... READ MORE

Ultra Sonic Cleaner

These pictures of dishware or glassware are from a very sooty fire.  The glasses were absolutely full of soot, grease, grim and dirt.  Customers ... READ MORE

Tile Floors

Tile floors with grout can get really dirty and hard to clean. Older floors can be especially difficult to clean up 100%.When you think of tile floors that need... READ MORE

Bloody Hand Print

This is a hand print left behind from a vandalism.  The intruder broke in and left his marks everywhere.  Blood borne Pathogens can be treated properl... READ MORE

Board Up of Home

Fires can be devastating to both the property and the person(s) living there.  Sometimes after a fire occurs the glass and entry ways are broken out from e... READ MORE

School Duct Cleaning

These two photos show the results of our duct cleaning services. A local school called us to inspect their ducts for dirt and dust. Sometimes, when buildings ar... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning for a Busy Business

There are many businesses that their carpets cleaned in a tight time frame. Whether it be late an night, a weekend or in a quick restricted time frame.  We... READ MORE

House Fire & Board Up

These two photos demonstrate the work of our technicians after being called out to a large and devastating house fire in a nearby neighborhood. Our team removed... READ MORE

Drywall Remediation

This entire basement was lined with sheets of drywall that were covered in mold growth. Our drying process would have taken the moisture out of the drywall but ... READ MORE