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Commercial Water Removal for a Newark Lecture Hall

3/16/2020 (Permalink)

A hallway covered in white materials with SERVPRO equipment on the floor. Don’t hesitate to reach out to SERVPRO when it comes to your Newark commercial water damage.

Your Newark commercial water damage can damage so much so quick, let us help.

University campuses often feature gorgeous, historic buildings that fuse more traditional design sentiments with the geometry and fluidity of modern architectural design. These buildings can look wildly different from the outside, but they often suffer similar problems internally. For example, both types of buildings can endure high levels of water damage that, without careful mitigation, can allow mold and odors to proliferate in hallways, lecture halls, and lab rooms. 

If Newark facilities need commercial water removal that is fast-acting and effective, IICRC-certified SERVPRO professionals are available to restore your building so that students and faculty can safely congregate there once more. SERVPRO's cutting-edge moisture measurement and extraction tools make use of the discipline of psychrometry--that is, the study of how air temperature and humidity affect structures. With careful analysis, calculation, and observation, structures can return to a preloss condition. 

Inspecting Your Facilities

Taking care of leaks requires a combination of thorough inspection and implementation and maintenance of alert systems. Water leak sensors, whether they are active systems that shut off water supply lines or passive systems that alert occupants to water exposure, are highly effective in curbing structural damage and property loss. Staff tasked with property inspection should keep an eye out for the earliest signs of water damage on sprawling university campuses, including: 

  • Spongy floors that feel unstable
  • Bulging, bubbling, or soft walls
  • Recurring white, chalky efflorescence on brick and concrete
  • Water stains on tiles and discoloration or damage to the surrounding grout

SERVPRO's Commercial Rebuilding Services

Your local SERVPRO is licensed to offer commercial contracting services to renovate structures after cleanup (#1992104829). Renovation services include tasks such as reinstalling and seaming dried carpet and pad, removing odors with thermal foggers, and cleaning and returning desks and chairs in their proper place. If the leak started under flooring and damaged the subflooring below, SERVPRO contractors can repair and replace the damaged portions of the subfloor. 

SERVPRO of Newark serves big and small businesses alike with a cleanup crew that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. When disaster strikes in your facilities, you can call (302) 733-7933 to start the cleanup process within hours of your initial contact.

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Recovering Properties after a Storm Flood in Newark

3/3/2020 (Permalink)

"Storm damage? Call SERVPRO, we can help" Our professionals have state of the art equipment to clean up and restore your home so you can return safely after any disaster.

SERVPRO’s Steps to Recovering Your Belongings After a Flood Incident

Storms are frequently accompanied by torrential downpours that can overload drainage systems or dams, causing flash flooding in your local area. Fast-moving floodwaters can overwhelm your home, resulting in large quantities of standing water that can seriously damage floors, furnishings, and fixtures. We offer water restoration technicians to residents of this community that are experiencing flood issues in their property and can quickly set to work mitigating further losses, removing excess water, and restoring your home. 

Property owners that experience a storm flood in Newark should avoid trying to move the furniture themselves. We understand that homes are built over the years with accumulated possessions that hold significant sentimental value or considered irreplaceable. However, floodwaters can carry all kinds of dangers including harmful diseases and should not be approached without personal protective equipment (PPE.) Structural damage may also be sustained by large quantities of water, resulting in uneven surfaces or weakened floorboards and present a severe health hazard.

The quickest way to reduce the potential losses in a flood situation like this is to remove standing water and moisture from the affected area. To reduce immediate losses, SERVPRO deploys pumping equipment along with extraction units to remove excess moisture from home. Water extractors can be up to 1,200 times more efficient at removing water, and prolonged exposure to moisture can cause further losses than initially anticipated. By mobilizing this equipment quickly, SERVPRO technicians can significantly reduce your losses and claims the expense.

The next stage in performing a complete restoration is to ensure that the property is dry. Floodwater migrates and can wick into cavities into the subfloor or other recesses that are common in a home environment. SERVPRO technicians use an established drying procedure that incorporates both air-moving and dehumidification equipment. This stage is essential to preventing further losses because it reduces the likelihood of secondary mold damages from occurring in the property after service is complete. By drying the property, technicians not only tackle unpleasant odors but also guard against the future expense of secondary damage claims.

SERVPRO of Newark is available for property restoration and water mitigation services at (302) 733-7933.

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Become Familiar with Water Damage Remediation Services in Newark

2/29/2020 (Permalink)

ice dam on roof of house Whether you have water damage from an ice dam or a leaking pipe that caused moisture to affect your home, contact SERVPRO for effective remediation.

Spring is Coming in Newark – Learn How to Avoid or Address Potential Water Damage

Even though you know that spring weather is on the way soon, you still need to keep in mind that the potential for water damage is always looming. As a homeowner, you should know what to look for and how to act should you be faced with a water loss event. SERVPRO technicians are always available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, whenever you require assistance.

Water damage in Newark can happen at any time throughout the winter months. As the springtime sets in, warmer temperatures create thawing that leads to soggy, uneven groups. As snow melts, puddles often form, and flooding may occur. SERVPRO teams often see basement flooding that can happen unexpectedly, along with a variety of other issues from the spring thaw.

Some of the things to look out for include:

Snow Melting

Grading the ground around your foundation is the best way to keep the melting snow from getting inside through cracks and crevices. Creating a slope of about six inches from the foundation to 10 to 12 feet away from your property can keep the water from getting into the basement or foundation.

Ice Dams

When the weather is warm, and ice melts, it can cause ice dams to build along the roof edge of your home. Carefully removing the snow with a roof rake can prevent the dams from developing where water can get inside your home and causing issues.

Gutter Clogs

If the gutters on your home clog, water can spill over and down into your foundation. Ensuring that all gutters are free from debris ensures smooth water flow. 

SERVPRO’s skilled technicians have the training and experience necessary to address whatever water loss event you face in the springtime or any other time of year. We work to clean and restore interior building materials, ensuring that your structure is safe and sound. For basement water loss events, we have high-powered pumps and vacuum technology to remove all standing water to make sure that moisture levels are brought back down to normal. 

Do you need help with water damage, and you need help fast? You can count on our team at SERVPRO Newark. You can reach us by calling (302) 733-7933, and we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

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When Newark Hotels Experience a Water Loss Event

2/18/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician standing in front of SERVPRO drying equipment in SERVPRO storage facility Our technicians are always on call and ready to handle your water loss emergency.

Newark Hotel Managers Rely on SERVPRO for Commercial Water Removal Services

Hotels managers may sometimes find that rooms or hallways in the building become flooded. There are several factors that can lead to property flooding; however, the crucial aspect of proper business management is how you respond to these situations. Bodies of water can cause primary and secondary damages to the structure of a building. They can also present immediate dangers relating to slip and trip hazards or power cutting. As a hotel manager, it may be necessary to remove guests from rooms in the immediate vicinity, shut off power in the affected area, and contact your insurance adjuster.

Communicating with your customers and staff in an emergency is vital, which is why we offer commercial water removal services for businesses in Newark. Our team of qualified technicians is led by an experienced crew chief who can handle the restoration of structure and contents, allowing you to focus on your customers and staff. SERVPRO can deploy emergency generators as well as lighting equipment to offer a self-sufficient restoration that does not rely on the building manager. We can communicate with you about appropriate staging areas for equipment as well as regular updates on outcomes and equipment.

Transporting gallons of water from one area to another relies upon equipment with the appropriate power as well as intake and outtake hoses. SERVPRO crew chiefs may need to ask you where an appropriate outlet for water removal equipment is, whether an exterior sewer or a drainage system within your hotel. Alternatively, we can bring with us large, truck-mounted storage tanks to hold excess water before disposing of it at our warehouse or a designated wastewater facility.

Removing water is most effective using extraction equipment. There are many different types we use, which depend on the building materials and decor within your hotel. Thick carpets may benefit from weighted extraction tools. Upper levels with restrictive access, on the other hand, may better suit light and portable extraction wands. We train SERVPRO technicians to recognize the best types of equipment to suit the job at hand. By thinking on our feet, we can ensure your business gets back to a preloss condition sooner, rather than later.

If your hotel becomes flooded, you can contact SERVPRO of Newark at (302) 733-7933 for commercial restorers.

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What to Avoid When Dealing With Fire Damage in Newark

2/9/2020 (Permalink)

fire place with log burning Fire places are amazing for warmth and ambiance. Contact SERVPRO should your home be facing fire damage as a result of a fire that got out of control.

Taking Care of Chimney Fire Damage in a Newark Home

Many homeowners enjoy relaxing with friends and family by the fireplace. Still, without regular cleanup, creosote deposits and soot in chimneys can catch fire and cause extensive damage to the home. There is an average of 25,000 chimney fires every year in the US that cause over $125 million in property damage. When this type of disaster occurs in your home, there is a team you can count on for rapid service that is focused on restoration.

If your Newark home has suffered fire damage, SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, to return your residence to a preloss condition. SERVPRO technicians, staff, and franchise owners alike all receive extensive training and education in fire damage cleanup, as well as the claims filing process, to better assist homeowners and insurance adjusters and filing accurate and comprehensive claims. On top of that, SERVPRO uses industrial-grade materials and EPA-registered cleaning solutions to remove residues and odors effectively.

Tips for Chimney Fire Prevention

  • Have a professional inspect the chimney and fireplace annually. Creosote and soot buildup in your fireplace are the number one causes of chimney fires. A certified chimney sweep can handle the job with ease and ensure that your chimney is safe to use once more.
  • Keep fires small and use seasoned wood. Small fires produce less creosote, especially ones that burn more brightly, which means less smoke and soot buildup in your chimney. Dry wood that is seasoned for more than six months is ideal because there is no wet material that condenses inside the chimney to create creosote.
  • Avoid using paper or flammable liquids in your fireplace. These materials can create flames that can get out of hand quickly because they can float up the chimney and ignite pre-existing creosote deposits.
  • Install a chimney liner and cap. Chimney liners improve airflow for combustion gases while protecting your chimney, making it easier to clean. Chimney caps, meanwhile, prevent animals or debris from getting into your chimney.

SERVPRO Removes Odors & Debris

The most effective odor removal method, aside from deodorizing, is removing odorous soils like charred creosote deposits. After cleaning, deodorization can take place using a variety of materials. For example, a thermal fogger may be used to remove odors from around your chimney.  This type of deodorizer is a counteractant, meaning that it combines chemically with odor-causing particles and either eliminates or changes them. 

SERVPRO of Newark wants to ensure that your home looks, "Like it never even happened." No matter when you need assistance after a disaster, you can call (302) 733-7933.

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Newark Fire-Damaged Houses Are Cleaned and Restored by SERVPRO

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

Fire truck, billowing smoke at a fire-site Fire Trucks Leave, Then What? Call SERVPRO to Your Newark Property for Cleanup, Restoration, and a Smile!

Factors That Determine Restorability from Fire Damage in Newark Homes

A common sight that greets many homeowners upon first viewing the fire damage in their Newark home is a large, wet pile of their possessions in the center of the room. This scenario happens because, during firefighting efforts, the firemen push burning debris to the center of the room and hose it down to stop it from igniting. Progressively more gets added until the danger of fire in the place is over.

When SERVPRO technicians arrive to clean up fire damage in Newark properties, they immediately move our charred items and building materials. They then examine wet items for restorability potential to save the homeowner the cost of replacing possessions.

Inspection Elements
When the techs go through items in fire loss areas, they look for possessions that have restoration potential through their advanced cleaning methods. Porous items often have the least amount of potential salvaging because of the absorption of soot that can get worse through the application of cleaning products.

Cleaning Methods Commonly Used
Fire loss cleanup is never a one-size-fits-all process. The techs carefully test surfaces and items to determine the construction materials. The results assist in choosing the best methods and agents to utilize for smoke damage removal. Pack-outs and cleaning at our facility is an option where Immersion Cleaning - a robust cleaning method for the non-porous items can prove to be effective. Ultrasonic cleaning and the Esporta Washing Systems are advanced equipment.

?    Dry Cleaning - used most often for lifting away dry smoke before wet cleaning solutions get used.
?    Wet Cleaning - a very effective method against wet smoke residues. SERVPRO has exclusive solvents and cleaners to release the hold the smoke damage has on surfaces.
?    Foam Cleaning - a cleaning method used to clean and refresh upholstery and window treatment fabrics that have the potential to shrink or bleed when wet cleaned.
?    Abrasive Cleaning - commonly used to remove residues.

Repair to the Home
Once the techs finish cleaning up the fire loss to the structure and contents, they create a report to assist the homeowner in filing their insurance claim and expedite the reimbursement. This report details not only the actions taken during restoration but also necessary repairs to restore the property entirely. With their general contractor license #1992104829, SERVPRO saves homeowners the stress of finding an outside contracting company for rebuilding needs.

SERVPRO of Newark at (302) 733-7933 has certified technicians ready to address any size fire damage to your property and make it "Like it never even happened."

We Can Help with Restoration Services After Commercial Water Damage in Newark

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

Open sign Call SERVPRO today. Let our team handle the mess so you can get back to work.

Our Team knows how Important it is for you to get Back to Business

Any flooding or water damage that takes place within a commercial space calls for timely response and specialized techniques. There can be numerous issues and setbacks in front of you, whether it is a small incident or a more extensive water cleanup event. No matter what, SERVPRO has the workforce, modern equipment, and experience necessary to get the job done both quickly and efficiently.

When you suffer from commercial water damage in Newark, calling the pros ensures you have a quick assessment so that action is taken immediately. We work to isolate whatever damage is present so that your commercial space can get back to normal as soon as possible. In some situations, we can work in a manner that allows you to conduct routine operations within a temporary space while restoration takes place.

We Are Up for the Challenge

At SERVPRO, we have trained technicians ready to work in any commercial space. We know how important it is to limit the amount of revenue lost while productivity slows during the cleanup process. This is why we are the team to call whenever you have an emergency leak or flooding incident in your place of business.

We specialize in water damage and cleanup, so we can provide you with the restoration services you need on a small or large scale. Our team is not only fully trained in water damage restoration, but we are also completely certified IICRC. We arrive at your commercial property with all of the professional-grade equipment and industrial strength cleaning products to get your space back to normal. We work swiftly to remove any standing water with pumps and vacuums, then air movers and drying mats are brought in to circulate the air. 

Thermal imaging equipment helps us ensure no moisture is left behind before we pull out damaged materials like drywall and flooring for replacement. Our team then goes through to thoroughly clean and disinfect each space impacted by water damage to eliminate the chances of mold growth.

When it comes to commercial water damage and restoration, you can count on SERVPRO of Newark. Give us a call today at (302) 733-7933, and we will send a team out as soon as possible to get started with an assessment.

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Fire Loss in Brookside? Call SERVPRO!

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Building on fire After a fire, many times demolition is necessary. SERVPRO has the training for safe debris removal and building restoration.

Is Controlled Demolition Necessary After Brookside Fire Loss?

Structure fires can be a destructive force in Brookside homes. Without a prompt response by professionals to begin mitigation and other emergency services, it can become costlier the longer you wait. As overwhelming as the circumstances might be, your insurance provider is going to recommend or insist on the use of professional restoration for cleaning, debris removal, and other recovery tasks. Our SERVPRO team stays ready to help in these situations as soon as we get cleared to enter a home by first responders. 

While debris removal and immediate hazards must take the center focus of our initial actions, handling structural concerns is another vital aspect of recovering fire damage in Brookside homes. Fire losses present multiple layers of effects, but the most threatening is the weakening of structural elements like subflooring materials, ceiling drywall damage, and even potentially collapsing walls. 

Often, debris removal after a fire loss incident involves our SERVPRO technicians arriving with shovels and other similar hand tools. Debris, ash, and other half burned remnants can disrupt clean airflow throughout the property. Removing damaging debris can also help to reduce the concentrations of smoke odors and circulating threats like soot particles. This same catalyst can get found in charred structural elements like drywall, flooring, and more. 

Identifying the need for demolition and reconstruction is not a situation that gets made lightly. We have a team of competent, licensed (#1992104829) general contractors that can assess the stability of structural elements and when it is more cost-effective to remove damaged materials rather than attempt to restore them. For particle board cabinets in the kitchen, for instance, it can often be less expensive to replace the cabinets rather than utilize advanced strategies to restore it. 

Understanding whether your home needs reconstruction services or not after a fire is rarely a determination that you can make on your own. We have skilled technicians capable of assessing structural integrities and the times where controlled demolition can save our customers money after a fire. Give our SERVPRO of Newark team a call today at (302) 733-7933. 

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Dealing With Only One Point of Contact Throughout Flood Damage Recovery in your Newark Property

12/31/2019 (Permalink)

A group of SERVPRO employees in a garage with a SERVPRO vehicle and equipment. SERVPRO knows that your contents are just as important as the rest of your Newark home.

Let us help you save your Newark contents and home. We are ready for your call.

In severe rainstorms, your property may sustain so much damage that you need to relocate temporarily. Relocations can be incredibly taxing on homeowners because they are unaware of what is happening at their property. Figuring out where to store items, how to prevent unlawful entry, and how to make a claim are just a few of the concerns facing homeowners in a flood situation. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with residential flooding situations and run a series of emergency services to help homeowners overcome painful periods. 

Services providing flood damage recovery in Newark need significant resources to deliver for their customers. Not only do technicians need to provide emergency security services, but they also need to pack, transport, and store your contents safely. Homeowners may find that the packing and removal of materials to be one of the most stressful experiences. Here at SERVPRO, we enlist the help of professional removers to ensure your contents are taken care of while creating digital records of all items and their condition. 

Our goal is to smooth the transition from an emergency to restoring your home to its preloss condition. Pack-outs, the removal of contents for safe storage, is an essential part of that process. We use climate-controlled SERVPRO storage facilities to keep your possessions safe for the duration of their time outside the property. All goods must go through a comprehensive check for infestation or pests. These checks ensure that cross-contamination from other storage items in our warehouse does not affect your possessions. 

These situations are usually only in use when property damages are severe. While your items are in storage, SERVPRO can arrange for construction teams to perform any restoration as well as electronic specialists for televisions, laptops, and tablets. Vital documents can be freeze-dried to stop further harm from happening. All work we arrange is made a note of, which we can then pass on to you or a stress-free claim. 

Dealing with one point of contact throughout the recovery process can help to reduce the emotional toll of an emergency. Contact SERVPRO of Newark at (302) 733-7933.

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The Appropriate Steps For Water Cleanup In Newark

12/21/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged wood flooring We can be reached at (302) 733-7933 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Take the Appropriate Steps for Water Cleanup in Newark

A flood in your basement or significant water intrusion in any area of your home can be very devastating. When left to fester, excessive water can turn into major structural issues, and you open up the door to potential mold growth. You should take the necessary steps for cleaning up the water by calling the professionals at SERVPRO to help you mitigate the damage in a timely fashion.

Whether there is water from a storm or a significant leak from an appliance or broken pipe, water cleanup in Newark must commence quickly so to keep the loss to a minimum. With any water intrusion, you have the risk of dangers from electrocution, slip and fall, and more. The first steps should always include making sure that the electricity is off in the area of the flood and that you are careful with your footing.

Standing Water Removal
Whether there is a little bit of water or a lot, it can be tough to think about total cleanup until all of the water is removed. Our team of SERVPRO technicians comes in and assesses the situation to implement the best plan of action for water removal. In the event of deep water, we have sump pumps to bring down water levels quickly. Once the water level goes down significantly, we use high-powered vacuums to pull up the rest of the water from floors and carpeting.

Proper Drying
It is paramount that the impacted area is dried quickly to reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth. Once mold starts to form, it can spread rapidly within the first 24 hours of water damage onset. SERVPRO technicians open up the windows and use high-powered axial fans and air movers to assist with air circulation. This process can be useful when the balance of interior temperature and humidity (RH) does not adversely affect comfort levels. We also have industrial-strength humidifiers to pull any excess moisture from the air.

SERVPRO Is Here To Help
Once you call us at SERVPRO, we are here to help from the initial stages of water cleanup through drying and disinfecting. We use specialized products to clean non-porous surfaces, and we can help determine what is salvageable and what should be thrown out.

A quick response time is crucial when it comes to water cleanup, so call us at SERVPRO of Newark when you need help. We can be reached at (302) 733-7933 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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