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Burst Pipe in a Newark? Get Fast Mitigation!

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work. Water damage has entered your home without permission? Call SERVPRO and their IICRC trained technicians for any size disaster.

SERVPRO stops water damage with fast water removal services

Newark, DE, is a beautiful city with over 31,000 residents. It is home to the University of Delaware, and like many New England towns, has a rich history. The city can trace its roots back to 1694 when Celtic groups settled the area. 

Education Plays a Fundamental Role

Education has always been vital to Newark townsfolk. Francis Alison started a grammar school in New London, PA, in 1743 and relocated the school to Newark in 1765. Alison was of Irish birth and known for his great intellect. He was an ordained Presbyterian minister as well as a teacher. John Dickinson, the author of the Farmer’s Letters, was tutored by Alison. He held several reputable teaching positions over the years. The Newark Academy that he ran ended up merging with New Ark College. It is now the University of Delaware. Three of the first graduates of Newark Academy went on to be signers of the declaration. They were:

  • George Read
  • Thomas McKean
  • James Smith

McKean and Read would later have schools named after them. 

Battle of Cooch’s Bridge

The American Revolution impacted Newark as it did many other New England towns. The Battle of Cooch’s Bridge took place just outside of Newark in 1777. Sadly, the bridge did not survive that war. Two significant events mark that particular battle:

  • It was the only Revolutionary War battle fought on Delaware soil.
  • It was the first time the Stars and Stripes flag was flown in battle.

The troops under General George Washington clashed with British and Hessian Troops. Generals Knyphausen, Cornwallis, and Howe led the British forces. The engagement had been going on for several days when the Colonials fell back to Cooch’s Bridge. The approximately 700 colonials were seriously outmanned. For a while, the Americans held their own but had to retreat due to depleted ammo supplies. The British eventually took over the property and burned many of the buildings. The Cooch house became the headquarters of Cornwallis for the following week. They would move from this location to the Battle of Brandywine and the capture of Philadelphia.

Newark Grows

King George II gave Newark a license to hold weekly markets and semi-annual fairs for agricultural purposes in 1758. This allowed the folks to buy, sell, and trade with surrounding areas. In 1798, the Curtis Paper Mill was the first large industrial enterprise in Newark. It continued in operation until 1997. The Methodists founded a church in 1812, and 1837 saw the railroad arrive. Newark has been growing and developing ever since then. 

SERVPRO Provides Water Removal Services to Newark Residents

When a pipe bursts in your home, water can quickly flow beneath floorboards, under cabinets, or seep down to lower levels. Even if you clean up most of the water, hidden moisture can cause severe damage. 

Water is caustic and eats away at structural elements. Secondary damage such as mold can occur within 24-hours. Not a pretty picture but professional water removal can help you avoid all of those situations. To trace hidden water, we use:

  • Infrared cameras
  • Surface moisture meters
  • Hygrometers

Our technicians understand the process needed to remove water from impacted materials. When approached immediately, many items homeowners assume are lost beyond repair can be saved. 

For professional water removal services in Newark, contact SERVPRO of Newark at (302) 733-7933. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Staycations in Newark Have a lot to Offer

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

a flooded bedroom with objects floating around Regardless of how the excess water gains entry into your home, extraction is key. Contact our team for more information about water removal services.

Explore Newark and its Surrounding Areas and Learn More about its Origins

Newark’s picturesque qualities are only rivaled by its proximity to other equally delightful towns. When you venture down Main Street for a shopping spree or only for a stroll, you find yourself in a vibrant and active college town with many things to do. If you want to explore a bit further, take a quick drive to nearby Wilmington, or explore state parks throughout the state.

Perhaps one of Newark's main reasons for being so lively is the student population the University of Delaware houses. Dating back to colonial times, three signers of the Declaration of Independence and one signer of our nation’s Constitution graced the University of Delaware’s campus. Furthermore, Joe Biden, 46th President of the United States, is a proud Blue Hen Alumni, class of 1965. The school’s focus on academics, culture, and civic engagement can also be felt beyond its Newark Campus. Its location in Wilmington, Dover, Lewes, and Georgetown also brings vitality to neighboring communities. Although its name didn’t become official until 1921, its roots can be traced to 1743, when it was known as Newark College. Today, over 23,000 students uphold the school’s values and leave their mark in the world.

Relive History in Newark

Whether you are a history buff or just like capturing the occasional anecdote, there are several landmarks for you to visit while in Newark. If you like being outdoors, you can venture on the James F. Hall Trail, a paved path nearly two miles long in what used to be railroad tracks. 

Its family-friendly route provides easy access to several city parks offering picnic areas and playgrounds. The Pomeroy and Newark Trail cross paths with the James F. Hall Trail and give you another route to venture on. Signs along the way explain the history of the area for all to traverse it. Among other places to visit in Newark, make sure to include-

  • Newark History Museum- Home of the 1877 train station in town, this museum houses several galleries that help tell the city's story from inception to today. Railroad fans may enjoy the building itself as well, and it is part of the James F. Hall Trail, so you can make it a stop along your field trip on the Trail.
  • The Pencader Heritage Museum- Although it operates on a limited schedule, it is an excellent resource for those interested in the Pencader Hundred. Its Cooch Room displays mementos of the Cooch family and other period pieces illustrating life at the time. In contrast, guests are also invited to view and touch the remains of an M-48 tank built in Newark by the Chrysler Corporation.
  • Iron Hill School No. 112C- Located a short drive from Newark, it is a one-room building recognized in the National Register of Historic Places since 1995. 
  • Pierre S. du Pont funded the structure, and it was used for African-American students until desegregation occurred in Iron Hill in 1965.
  • University of Delaware Museums and Special Collections- Also worth a visit are the different collections and exhibits associated with the University of Delaware. There is much to see in its collections, celebrating the area’s heritage, culture, and arts. Visit their website for updated exhibits.

Exploring Beyond Newark

Once you are done exploring Newark, or if you want to venture further, Wilmington is a great place to visit. Recognized as the largest city in the state, it is built on the site for the first Swedish settlement in the U.S. Lying on the Christina and Brandywine rivers' intersection. Thomas Penn named it in honor of his friend Spencer Compton, also known as the Earl of Wilmington.

Many do not know how important Swedish settlements were at the time Wilmington was founded. Fort Christina, the first Swedish settlement, is but one of the settlements that eventually became part of the greater metropolitan area. Others include Timber Island, Sidoland, and Strandviken, among others. Even before Swedish settlements, the Lenape inhabited the area. Much like their lands were taken over by the Swedish, the British displaced them as colonization occurred.

Perhaps one of the most famous names in Delaware history, Eleuthère Irénée du Pont, changed Wilmington's course forever when it began manufacturing gunpowder in 1802. Since then, the DuPont company continued to be essential for the military and continues to play a role in the Delaware economy today.

The Nemours Estate, the Wilmington Riverwalk, the Hagley Museum and Library, and the Delaware Children's Museum are a few of the most popular destinations in Wilmington. Just a short drive away from Newark, it is the perfect complement for residents and visitors alike.

Preserving your Newark Home

The rich history of Newark is not limited to historical sites. Many homes also hold our nation’s heritage within its walls, but they are not immune to the passage of time. Whether your home is old or new, water damage repairs may be necessary if a pipe leak or stormwater makes its way into it. Luckily, SERVPRO is on-call around the clock to help our community when disasters happen.

Extracting water from a home requires a professional crew that can closely monitor humidity levels and adjust accordingly. Dehumidifiers and air movers could be detrimental to elements such as hardwood floors if timing and intensity are not commensurate with the damage. Our SERVPRO crew habitually works under challenging environments and has the track record to prove our success in restoring dwellings throughout our area.

If you want to protect your home and health, give SERVPRO of Newark a call at (302) 733-7933 as soon as the incident happens. Let our expert team arrive at your home, taking all the necessary safety precautions and working diligently until your home looks and feels, “Like it never even happened.”

Does Your Company Provide Reconstruction Services?

10/24/2020 (Permalink)

"SERVPRO" logo SERVPRO handles every aspect of your home's water damage. Call today for assistance.

SERVPRO Provides Many Reconstruction, Restoration and Remediation Services.

Many Newark clients are unaware that water leaking from a pipe or overflowing from a sink can often cause permanent damage to carpeting, particleboard, and drywall. Water can cause carpets to delaminate, and materials made from compressed materials to absorb water and swell. These items must be replaced and require some level of construction after all moisture is removed.

SERVPRO has operated in the community of Newark since 1990, providing water damage mitigation and reconstruction services, as well as fire, storm, and flood recovery services. We also hold residential and commercial contracting licenses permitting our company to provide various reconstruction services, including drywall, carpet, flooring, and cabinet installation, to return your home to its original condition.

Our SERVPRO team handles all aspects of the project, including:

Water removal and drying

Removal of permanently damaged items, including structural components

Installation and restoration

Coordination of the project until your home is as good as new, “Like it never even happened.”

Does Your Company Use Chemicals Harmful to Children and Pets?

After a water leak or spill, one of the most harmful contaminants is the potential for mold and mildew to establish an infestation. There may be bacteria in the area as well. These can cause health effects. For example, mold can begin within 24 to 48 hours after a water leak. SERVPRO can be at your home within 4 hours of being called, and we are available 24/7. A fast response can prevent these contaminants from causing harm to your family and pets.

Our team follows a well-established process to prevent the growth of mold and mildew:

Contain the source of water

Vacuum water from carpets and hidden recessed areas

Remove items for drying, repair, or disposal

Dry your home with the use of air movers and dehumidifiers

Apply antimicrobial sprays if required

Our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians and address all of your questions regarding mold contamination and toxicity of any chemicals used in the process.

Call SERVPRO of Newark (302) 733-7933 to help with water damage and restoration of your home.

How Can Water Get Removed from Ceiling Materials in My Newark Home?

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

water leaking on the floor of the basement of a house Water can get into your drywall and insulation and create many problems for your home. Contact SERVPRO for professional water damage remediation.

The migration of water can happen quickly, leaving ceiling materials and other susceptible surfaces threatened by saturation and deterioration.

When water service must reach the second story of your Newark home, its path through the property must often get concealed in structural cavities between the floor and ceiling. When age or an air hammer in the line causes damage to a portion of the plumbing, this breach can affect many of the neighboring materials surrounding it. While the flooring above the break in the pipe can also become damaged by spraying water, gravity tends to create a situation where ceiling materials suffer the brunt of these compromising conditions.

Water damage restoration in Newark homes and businesses encompasses many actions taken throughout the recovery process. For example, addressing the water damage in your house is more than water removal and drying, as repairs and even reconstruction are often necessary with plumbing breaks between the floors. Understanding how water moves and what materials can become affected can help homeowners appreciate the value of the experience and industry-leading equipment that our SERVPRO team provides.

How Does Water Move Through These Systems?

Ceilings often get comprised of many materials that make up a greater system. While you often notice damage to these surface materials you can see before you recognize a problem taking place, often, the other materials within this system have already become more heavily saturated. Elements like insulation can become weightier after absorbing water from the break, making it more likely that building materials around the insulation can begin to sag underneath the heavier load. Understanding how water moves through these materials can help our technicians to choose the best potential path to drying the damage. With these types of ruptures, migration occurs in several ways:

  • Liquid – The physical movement of fluid, such as runoff, spray, and flow from the busted pipes, can be the most direct path for water to take through ceiling materials.
  • Atmosphere – Prolonged moisture exposure can modify the humidity levels in the house and cause several porous materials used in ceiling systems to become saturated or affected by these changing conditions.
  • Capillary Suction – Water can get pulled through pores in building materials such as drywall or ceiling tiles, which can directly impact other contents and materials on the level beneath the break.

Where Are Unseen Moisture Pockets?

A detrimental situation that can exist when water begins to move through ceiling systems is the moisture and dampness that you cannot see. These pockets of water can create damaging conditions in your Newark home such as structural deterioration or the potential growth of microbial threats. Understanding how moisture and water are moving through the materials, even where you cannot see it, impacts the choices made to dry the structure. The better the understanding of these damp areas, the more thorough drying can become, and the more of the materials affected that can be preserved. Some of the ways that we can identify moist areas within the damaged materials include:

  • Surface Moisture Meters
  • Hygrometers
  • Thermal Imagery

How Can Water Get Removed from These Materials?

Understanding the processes to remove water from these affected materials is critical. Often homeowners might be under the impression that it is impossible to protect or preserve saturated materials once water has moved through them. Structural deterioration can exist after prolonged exposure, making the restoration or recovery of these items impossible. When approached quickly enough, and in the right circumstances, individual pieces of equipment in our inventory can directly affect impacted materials like drywall, insulation, and wood framework. These include:

  • Positive Pressure Systems – By creating manageable holes or openings to the structural cavity beyond ceiling drywall or tile, we can focus blasts of heated air into these spaces to promote evaporative drying.
  • Direct Drying with Air Movers – By removing portions of damaged materials through controlled demolition, we can then provide immediate access to the worst affected areas around the plumbing break. Centrifugal air movers direct dry air at these compromised surfaces for efficient drying. 
  • Dehumidification – We have multiple dehumidifiers in our inventory, though desiccants often have the most significant initial impact on widespread moisture concerns. These units can exhaust dry air back into affected spaces, making drying and moisture removal more efficient.

It is not impossible to preserve and protect damaged materials after a plumbing break happens between the ceiling and floor of your first and second story. With a team of in-house contractors, we can offer immediate repairs, controlled demolition, and build back after drying completes. Give our SERVPRO of Newark team a call to help when you need it at (302) 733-7933.

We Have a Lot of Water from a Broken Pipe in Our Bathroom, Now What?

8/26/2020 (Permalink)

pipe parts and tools Water leaks can quickly cause damage in your home. Call SERVPRO today to avoid additional water loss of your property.

SERVPRO Has the Right Tools for Water Removal to Dry and Restore Your Newark Bathroom.

Panic is understandable when a faulty pipe sends a vast amount of water throughout your bathroom. Whether it was a pipe under the sink or connecting to your shower or tub, prompt removal of all standing water is the best way to limit loss. We have IICRC-certified technicians at SERVPRO who know the best methods for removing water from your Newark bathroom to save you money, time and allow you to get back to your routine. 

At SERVPRO, we have a proven process for restoration after water removal in Newark:

  •   We carefully assess the cause of the damage as well as the extent of it
  •   Our crew chief will explain the damage to you as well as our solutions for restoration
  •   All water is quickly extracted from the water loss zone
  •   We thoroughly dry your structure as well as any saturated contents
  •   Moisture detection tools, air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers address hidden moisture before it can cause additional damage

When you call us, you will have skilled water restoration technicians on-site and ready to start within four hours or less. We formulate the best action plan for your bathroom water loss while guiding you through every step. SERVPRO has a Green Fleet filled with the latest technology to remove standing water and hidden moisture and repair any damage quickly. 

We understand that standing water in your home presents the perfect opportunity for microbes to grow. Our team uses industrial-strength, EPA-approved products to address foul odors brought on by a water loss incident so that your interior is both clean and fresh once we are finished with the project.

For fast, reliable water removal and restoration, SERVPRO of Newark is here to help. Call (302) 733-7933 to learn more about the services that we offer.

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Why is There Water Damage Behind My Bathroom Walls?

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

Bathroom No matter when you make the call, we have technicians who can assist you.

SERVPRO Technicians Can Remove Water Damage and Odors from Newark Homes 24/7

While bathrooms are built to withstand large amounts of water, they are not invulnerable. Pinhole leaks in pipes can allow gallons of water a day to seep into a home, saturating drywall, warping wall studs and subfloors, and potentially creating an environment where mold can thrive.

SERVPRO technicians are ready to provide water cleanup for Newark homes that have endured any size disaster. Even small leaks can become larger, more costly problems without fast action. These Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-certified coordinate with you and your insurance adjuster to perform thorough cleanup and restoration for your home.

Detecting Moisture Behind Walls

Most homeowners are not equipped to fix pipe leak water damage on their own. However, that does not mean that they cannot detect the signs of damage before it leads to more costly issues like mold and structural concerns.

  • Touch the wall. Is it spongy, or even crumbly, to the touch?
  • Do you see discolored, bubbling, or peeling paint on the wall?
  • Smell the area. Is there a noticeable musty odor?
  • If you suspect that there is water damage, call an expert or test the area with a probe moisture meter.

SERVPRO Eliminates Structural Water Damage

These technicians begin the mitigation process with the use of portable, back-mounted extractors for clearing excess water out of hard-to-reach areas and wall cavities. If your bathroom is along an exterior wall, wet fiberglass insulation can often be cleaned, dried, and replaced.

After extracting moisture, the rest can be wicked off of surfaces with air movers and dehumidifiers. Technicians may establish polyethylene drying chambers to accelerate the process.

SERVPRO of Newark serves the community with a cleanup service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (302) 733-7933 to begin the mitigation process.

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How Can I Remove Water from my Laundry Room Floor in Newark?

4/7/2020 (Permalink)

Washing machine overflowing with bubbles Flooding can quickly damage the flooring in your home. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation efforts.

You Can Save Yourself Some Trouble by Getting a Head Start on Water Cleanup Before our Team Arrives

Washing machine instruction booklets tell us never to leave the home when doing the laundry. But most consumers do just that. Some head off to work, others go for a walk, and many are on another floor of the house. When the washing machine drain becomes clogged, many gallons of water pour onto the floor, leaving a wet soapy dirty mess.

SERVPRO has been providing water removal services in Newark and surrounding areas since 1990. We also provide water, fire, mold, storm restoration, and cleaning services.

Homeowners experiencing water flowing from the washing machine discharge hose should attempt to mop up as much water as possible to reduce the spread of the water to other areas of the home. Upon SERVPRO's arrival, our team can deploy water extractors to remove water from adjacent carpets, hardwood, and tile floors.

We may drill holes under laundry room cupboards to remove water and blow air into the cavity to facilitate drying. We deploy air movers and dehumidifiers to dry flooring and reduce the humidity to avoid long term damage to your floors.

Call SERVPRO in Newark and the surrounding area right away for assistance. We are available 24/7/365 at (302) 733-7933. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Become Familiar with Water Damage Remediation Services in Newark

2/29/2020 (Permalink)

ice dam on roof of house Whether you have water damage from an ice dam or a leaking pipe that caused moisture to affect your home, contact SERVPRO for effective remediation.

Spring is Coming in Newark – Learn How to Avoid or Address Potential Water Damage

Even though you know that spring weather is on the way soon, you still need to keep in mind that the potential for water damage is always looming. As a homeowner, you should know what to look for and how to act should you be faced with a water loss event. SERVPRO technicians are always available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, whenever you require assistance.

Water damage in Newark can happen at any time throughout the winter months. As the springtime sets in, warmer temperatures create thawing that leads to soggy, uneven groups. As snow melts, puddles often form, and flooding may occur. SERVPRO teams often see basement flooding that can happen unexpectedly, along with a variety of other issues from the spring thaw.

Some of the things to look out for include:

Snow Melting

Grading the ground around your foundation is the best way to keep the melting snow from getting inside through cracks and crevices. Creating a slope of about six inches from the foundation to 10 to 12 feet away from your property can keep the water from getting into the basement or foundation.

Ice Dams

When the weather is warm, and ice melts, it can cause ice dams to build along the roof edge of your home. Carefully removing the snow with a roof rake can prevent the dams from developing where water can get inside your home and causing issues.

Gutter Clogs

If the gutters on your home clog, water can spill over and down into your foundation. Ensuring that all gutters are free from debris ensures smooth water flow. 

SERVPRO’s skilled technicians have the training and experience necessary to address whatever water loss event you face in the springtime or any other time of year. We work to clean and restore interior building materials, ensuring that your structure is safe and sound. For basement water loss events, we have high-powered pumps and vacuum technology to remove all standing water to make sure that moisture levels are brought back down to normal. 

Do you need help with water damage, and you need help fast? You can count on our team at SERVPRO Newark. You can reach us by calling (302) 733-7933, and we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

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The Appropriate Steps For Water Cleanup In Newark

12/21/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged wood flooring We can be reached at (302) 733-7933 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Take the Appropriate Steps for Water Cleanup in Newark

A flood in your basement or significant water intrusion in any area of your home can be very devastating. When left to fester, excessive water can turn into major structural issues, and you open up the door to potential mold growth. You should take the necessary steps for cleaning up the water by calling the professionals at SERVPRO to help you mitigate the damage in a timely fashion.

Whether there is water from a storm or a significant leak from an appliance or broken pipe, water cleanup in Newark must commence quickly so to keep the loss to a minimum. With any water intrusion, you have the risk of dangers from electrocution, slip and fall, and more. The first steps should always include making sure that the electricity is off in the area of the flood and that you are careful with your footing.

Standing Water Removal
Whether there is a little bit of water or a lot, it can be tough to think about total cleanup until all of the water is removed. Our team of SERVPRO technicians comes in and assesses the situation to implement the best plan of action for water removal. In the event of deep water, we have sump pumps to bring down water levels quickly. Once the water level goes down significantly, we use high-powered vacuums to pull up the rest of the water from floors and carpeting.

Proper Drying
It is paramount that the impacted area is dried quickly to reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth. Once mold starts to form, it can spread rapidly within the first 24 hours of water damage onset. SERVPRO technicians open up the windows and use high-powered axial fans and air movers to assist with air circulation. This process can be useful when the balance of interior temperature and humidity (RH) does not adversely affect comfort levels. We also have industrial-strength humidifiers to pull any excess moisture from the air.

SERVPRO Is Here To Help
Once you call us at SERVPRO, we are here to help from the initial stages of water cleanup through drying and disinfecting. We use specialized products to clean non-porous surfaces, and we can help determine what is salvageable and what should be thrown out.

A quick response time is crucial when it comes to water cleanup, so call us at SERVPRO of Newark when you need help. We can be reached at (302) 733-7933 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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We Know the Procedure For Water Damage Remediation For Your Newark Home

10/19/2019 (Permalink)

water coming from under the door Contact SERVPRO for water damage mitigation services.

Protecting Your Home From Water Damage In Newark

The costs involved in remediation and restoration from water damage can be quite high depending on the situation. You can protect your Newark property only by making sure that you are proactive about learning the causes of water damage and how you can prevent them.

There are many ways that a home can suffer water damage in Newark, including flooding from a leaking washing machine, a water tank leak, and natural disaster. SERVPRO wants to arm you with the basics when it comes to protecting your home from water damage. If you understand what to expect and look for should the situation arise, you are one step closer to keeping your home safe.

Water Damage Causes

These are some of the more common water damage causes in residential locations:

  • Pipes that leak or burst
  • Appliances that malfunction, like washing machines or dishwashers
  • Cracks in the walls or foundation where groundwater seeps in
  • Extreme weather/natural disasters, such as floods and heavy rain
  • Damage to the roof, including cracked flashing or missing shingles

Spot the Signs of Water Damage

SERVPRO would like to give you a list of some signs to look for when inspecting for potential water damage, including:

  • Warped flooring
  • Paint peeling
  • Walls or ceilings that are sagging or showing discoloration
  • Pooling water in your yard, usually after a significant rain event
  • A strong smell of must or mold

Protecting Your Home

For protecting your home, SERVPRO wants you to know that always being proactive is critical. Check on your piping to see if there is any sign of leakage. Remember to look at the seals around areas like your bathtubs, sinks, faucets, drains, and any fixtures or appliances that utilize water. Regular maintenance is vital, but not all water emergencies are preventable.

SERVPRO of Newark is available when water damage happens. Give us a call today at (302) 733-7933, and we can send a technician out to your property at your earliest convenience.

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We Can Help You Through Any Phase Of Water Damage Restoration In Newark

9/13/2019 (Permalink)

large green generators and desiccants outside a commercial property Here is one of our generators and desiccants in use at a job site. This building suffered water damage and we were able to help right away.

Replacing a Portion of Plumbing After Drying Your Newark Home

Drying out your Newark home after a loss incident must always be one of the top priorities for homeowners. With how quickly a situation can get out of control when a portion of plumbing bursts, especially in the wall, our SERVPRO team would like to reiterate that we are always here to help however you need. We also want to present our potential customers and neighbors with practical tips and advice about how to move forward once you believe the water damage has gotten dried successfully.

Once you feel confident you have addressed the water damage in your Newark residence, you have to set your sights on repairing the structural concerns and replacing the compromised section of pipe. You have likely already exposed this damage when you implemented drying tools to address moisture and standing water in the wall cavity. If not, you must remove the drywall immediately in front of the broken pipe, leaving yourself room to work and clean edges to replace portions of removed drywall after you have re-pressurized your plumbing.

Replacing plumbing is part of the services that our one-stop-shop restoration team can handle in your water damaged property. Our licensed (#: 1992104829) professionals have years of experience and can address issues with the plumbing, drywall removal, drywall installation, and other reconstruction needs your house might have. If you insist on attempting it on your own, here are some simple steps to help:

 - If possible, remove damaged piping by cutting out sections. This approach reduces your need for longer joints of pipe.

- Once the water damaged portion gets removed, clean threading of existing connectors and elbows you intend to use.  

- Measure the span of removed plumbing. Mark and cut that length from your new joint of pipe.

- Attach compression fittings to each end of this new portion of pipe. Tighten sufficiently.

- Set female connections on exposed ends of old pipe still in the wall.

- Once your new piece of pipe is in position, thread all pieces together and tighten female fittings on existing plumbing.

We know that repairs like this can be overwhelming, especially when you also have water loss effects to contend with as well. Our SERVPRO of Newark team can help you through any phase of recovery that you need, all you have to do is call. You can reach us 24/7 at (302) 733-7933.

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Let The Professionals Handle the Water Damage Remediation Process in Your Newark Home

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

Leaking ceiling from water damage. Call the remediation professionals at SERVPRO to help deal with any water damage disasters in Newark.

Water Damage in Newark Home Definitely Needs Professional Assistance

Water damage comes in many forms, such as broken pipes and forgotten faucets leading to mini-floods. But nothing is worse than the damage caused by a toilet backup. When sewage is part of the problem, you need professional restoration services to ensure your home returns to a sanitary condition for habitation. 

One of the biggest dangers of this type of water damage in a Newark home is the danger of cross-contamination. When SERVPRO handles black water or category three biohazard issues in a home, our main concern is safety for all during mitigation. It is common for us to:

  • Put up barriers or negative air chambers to limit the spread of airborne particles
  • We wear personal protective gear during clean up
  • SERVPRO technicians dispose of extracted water in accordance with municipal regulations

Certain porous objects are a loss in this type of water spill. Carpet and padding cannot return to a hygienic state and require discarding. In some cases, solid wood baseboards have the potential for cleaning and disinfection that allows for reuse. We inspect each item affected by water loss to determine the restoration potential. Whenever possible, we use our knowledge of cleaning methods and state-of-the-art equipment to clean and disinfect items.

During drying, it is common also to deploy air scrubbers to assist in the removal of odors and airborne particulate. Once dry, we use our professional-grade formulas to ensure there are no contaminants left on any surfaces and apply any necessary odor control applications.

SERVPRO technicians communicate with homeowners and their adjusters every step of the way. We know this type of home disaster is stressful and along with saving as many of the home possessions as possible, we also make sure we work within the scope of coverage, so there are no surprise out-of-pocket expenses. In some cases, sewage water may wick into sheetrock, or other areas and need removal through our controlled demolition techniques. We have a General Contractor's license #1992104829 and offer a seamless service from restoration to reconstruction as required to return the home to its preloss condition.

Contact SERVPRO of Newark at (302) 733-7933. We can handle any size or kind of water damage in your home and make it "Like it never even happened."

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Our Professionals Will Restore Your Water Damaged Newark House

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

A small leak spilling out onto tile floor. Give our professionals a call whenever you need us at (302) 733-7933.

Replacing A Leaking Hose Bib Before It Damages Your Newark House

The winter months in Newark bring excessively cold temperatures and cold snaps that can quickly freeze any exposed vulnerabilities in your plumbing. While many homes have the pipe leading to a hose connector outside insulated from these threats, aging fixtures can lead to small leaks that worsen over time. Without recognizing these threats, even something as simple as a steady drip on the hose bib outside, you risk leaving your house vulnerable to a substantial water loss emergency when this fixture freezes and breaks.

The best way to discover any water damage in Newark home fixtures like this hose connection and valve assembly is to inspect them visually. Sometimes water leaks are minute and difficult to identify, and regularly inspecting the plumbing as best as you can allows you to discover growing problems before they become costly and devastating emergencies. When you determine a need to replace this outside faucet connection, you have some options. While we are licensed residential contractors through the state of Delaware that can handle the full replacement of your entire plumbing system, we can help our customers with some quick tips and strategies to replace these fittings and protect them against the cold weather to come.

Home improvement locations should have all of the new fittings and hose connector that you want based on the pipe size and threading coming from inside of your property. A good idea is to take your old hose bib to compare with any new choices you are making and ensure they are similar sizes. Installing the fixture requires very little beyond the physical components and a couple of tools.

Getting the old hardware off can be among the most challenging aspects of this repair, and it often requires one person standing inside where the pipe enters the property with a monkey wrench preventing the straight piece of plumbing from turning and breaking when unthreading the connection outside. When putting the new hardware on, you can help to reduce the possibility of leaks and breaches in the future with the application of some thread tape. This tool provides a better seal for the fittings and reduces vulnerabilities over time.

While homeowners can often address replacing small fixtures like this on their own, our SERVPRO of Newark team is always here when the job becomes more significant than you initially thought, or you need the assurances of a job done correctly. Give our professionals a call whenever you need us at (302) 733-7933.

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We Are Available 24/7 For Your Newark Water Damage Restoration

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We have the necessary equipment to handle your water damage restoration. Call us right away to prevent further damage.

Drying Saturated Carpets in Your Newark Home Quickly

Carpeting is a standard construction staple for Newark homes, and often a spot most susceptible to saturation and water loss when emergencies occur. Preventing the exposure of this flooring type might not be feasible, but this does not mean that the material itself has become too irreparably damaged to save. Our professionals have a deep inventory of recovery tools and mitigation equipment that can quickly salvage even heavily saturated flooring, including both carpeted areas and elements like hardwood or vinyl planking.

As you might expect, the approach to restoring water damage in Newark homes depends on the severity of the situation and its positioning in the house. Our SERVPRO team can quickly identify the source of the incident, and use advanced discovery devices like infrared imagery and thermal tools to locate moisture pockets and dampness beyond the surfaces of exposed materials. These tools can show our technicians the depth of water damage beneath carpeted floors.

It is not difficult for saturation to penetrate beyond the fibers of the carpet and into the subflooring and padding underneath. Often our SERVPRO professionals can utilize specialized equipment like weighted extractors to remedy the majority of this exposure by forcing moisture to the surface for water damage removal by a powerful onboard vacuum. When the spreading water effects penetrate deeper than the padding, however, more intricate drying and recovery methods are necessary.

While floating a carpet, which mostly involves placing high powered air movers between the carpet itself and the subflooring materials can help to dry both of these elements, structural supports and joists are harder to dry out in this manner. When saturation exists in these areas, it must either get addressed from the crawlspace or basement of the home or requires the complete removal of the carpets to get down to these exposed materials for focused drying efforts.

Knowing how your carpets can get protected and preserved when water loss incidents occur can showcase the importance of fast response to these emergencies. While we have skilled water restoration technicians available 24/7 on our SERVPRO of Newark team, you are the vital first step in making these loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (302) 733-7933.

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Choosing The Right Water Damage Company

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Small part of shelving

When you experience a water damage in your home or business you may become overwhelmed. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a water damage restoration company. Your insurance may or may not recommend a company. SERVPRO of Newark works with all insurance companies. You or a family/friend may have had a previous experience with a company. Make sure the company is local, has been in the business for a while (experienced), licensed, insured and has the right tools to effectively remove the water damage with the most minimal demolition to your home/business. SERVPRO of Newark not only meets all these requirements but exceeds them as well. Our employees are background checked annually, we use the latest methods and techniques and utilize the best equipment in the industry. We also have other local franchises to assist us if needed. SERVPRO of Newark is here to help at (302) 733-7933.

Waiting for the Water to Go Away

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Waiting for the Water to go away

Flooding in homes can occur far more often than you might think. Sometimes homeowners try to face water issues themselves or wait hoping the problem will go away on its own. Waiting is never the correct answer to any water problem. SERVPRO of Newark is ready and here to help you. Secondary damages can develop if you wait too long. SERVPRO has expertly trained technicians that can help you locate and provide you with the services you may need to get things under control quickly.   SERVPRO of Newark has the personnel and proper equipment necessary to handle any size job. We try to manage your emergency situation by working hard to help your process as stress free as possible. SERVPRO of Newark is available 24/7/365.

Facts on Desiccant Dehumidifiers

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Desiccant Dehumidifier with a Generator in Progress

Desiccant Dehumidification

Desiccant dehumidifiers work under the principle of sorption. These types of dehumidifier’s place air in contact with hygroscopic material. There are different advantages of using desiccants in lieu of refrigerant dehumidifiers. They work well in temperatures below 32 degrees. They create low vapor pressure, 10-15 humidity ratio. They are more effective in a Class 4 drying situation. Desiccant dehumidifiers do not cool air rather is heats. Usually these dehumidifiers produce a higher grain depression than refrigerant dehumidifiers. Desiccant dehumidifiers range from 75-20,000+ cfm in our industry. A good way to think of how a desiccant works is similar to a clothes dryer. These machines can increase the existing temperature up to approximately 50 degrees F. SERVPRO of Newark owns a few of these big dehumidifiers.

Be Prepared for an Unexpected Event

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Having a bit of pre-planning and thinking for a storm is a very good thing to do if you put yourself in a position of preparedness. With a little bit of thought and preparation you certainly will feel good for at least having thought of something before it happens. Clarity and calmness are important for thought. It is better to prepare for an event then to be in the mitts of the battle or storm. This is potentially when hasty decisions get made. You should consider that you may be away from your conventional daily routine. Having some food, water and essentials for couple of days or more is in my opinion wise.   You can always use those products from time to time to keep them fresh. Batteries, water and canned goods are an example of what can be rotated.   Communication and information on how to contact your family and friends is important too. Communication systems may be down and having a back up plan in an idea to keep in mind. It is like the Boy/Girl Scouts say, “Be Prepared”!

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

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Refrigerant Dehumidifer

When it comes to water damage drying equipment, there are many kinds of specialty pieces. Dehumidification helps create a balanced drying system minimizing secondary damages. Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air and promotes evaporation. There are many different kinds of dehumidifiers available. The most common type of dehumidifier is a refrigerant. Refrigerants work best in high temperature and high humidity situations. The refrigerant dehumidifier cool incoming moist air below its dew point. As the warm air enters, the air is cooled so it increases the relative humidity of the air. When this happens the air’s ability decreases to hold vapor. The excess moisture is removed into the dehumidifier’s condenser and is pumped out through the line. These refrigerant standard dehumidifiers are most efficient when operating in temperatures between 70 – 90 degrees, above a 55-60 humidity ratio and above a dew point of 52 degrees. We here at SERVPRO of Newark own hundreds of these dehumidifiers.

Category's of Water

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Dripping Pipes can cause big problems!

IICRC S500 Standard for Professional Water Damage defines 3 categories of water.

Category III water is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxigenic or other harmful agents and can cause significant adverse reactions to humans if contacted or consumed. Examples of Category III Water are: Sewage, Flood water, hurricanes etc.

A Category II loss is when water contains a significant contamination and has the potential to cause discomfort or sickness if contacted or consumed/ingested by humans. Category II water can contain potentially unsafe levels of microorganisms or nutrients for microorganisms. Some examples of a Category II Water are: Discharge from dishwashers, overflow from washing machines, overflow from toilet bowls.

A Category I loss is where water originates from a sanitary water source and does not pose substantial risk from dermal, ingestion or inhalation exposure. An example would be a water cooler.

Have water damage?

SERVPRO Newark has the training and equipment to help make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (302) 733-7933.

Flood Planning

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It is important to know what you and your family's plan will be in the case of a flood or any other emergency. Familiarizing yourself with your local emergency contacts and community emergency plans may not feel like a pressing matter, but in the case of a flood/emergency it is valuable knowledge. It is important that all family members are aware of their address, family phone numbers, important medical information, and even email addresses. Other important information to remind family members of includes:

  • Emergency hotlines
  • School/work phone numbers & addresses
  • Childcare phone numbers & addresses
  • Personal emergency contacts & addresses
  • Indoor meeting places
  • Neighborhood meeting places
  • Out-of-Neighborhood meeting places

It is also important to have easy access to contact information of:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • Poison Control
  • Doctor
  • Pediatrician
  • Medical Insurance
  • Policy #
  • Hospital

Large Office Building Flood

11/28/2017 (Permalink)

Conference Room

This photo shows a large conference room located in a high rise building that has been flooded due to a large pipe line that burst. Unfortunately there were many rooms that looked like this one. This large building was affected on multiple floors and there were many offices that were scared their businesses would be greatly affected by the water damage. Luckily, our technicians were on the scene early that morning, once the call came in. They met with all the office managers and all those who had important belongings in the office building to assure them they would be taken care of. Once all those in the building were put at ease, SERVPRO started the restoration and cleanup process. We were proud to have helped so many different businesses get through such a stressful time.

Hurricane Irma & SERVPRO of Newark

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

Hurricane Irma hit Florida hard and many communities were impacted in the area. Not only are hundreds of families suffering from the harsh effects of Hurricane Irma, but so are many of the animals and pets of those families in Florida. Recently, SERVPRO of Newark went to the local SPCA and volunteered in the best way we could. Many dogs and cats were rescued from Hurricane Irma and flown from Florida to Delaware and brought to various SPCA locations. We helped bathe many of the dogs rescued from Hurricane Irma and got them ready for adoption. Being in the Cleanup industry, we did what we do best and cleaned up plenty of our furry friends as a way of giving back and contributing to the restoration of Florida. 

Water in the Classroom!

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This picture shows a school that sustained water damage from a sprinkler system in a classroom.  Notice the fans that are warped. The ceiling tiles were holding water and before we removed them from the ceiling you could see them sagging from the weight of the water.  We removed the ceiling tiles before they fell created an unsafe environment within the school.  Once the tiles were removed we treated the cavity with an anti-microbial treatment and dried the structure itself with a handful of our fans as well as cleaned the ceiling properly.  We completed this classroom to dry standards in three days and the school was very pleased with SERVPRO of Newark. They were able to adjust for the three days that we were in the building so that no class room time was interrupted. 

SERVPRO during Hurricane Harvey

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As a Disaster Recovery Team and National partners with American Red Cross, SERVPROs from all over have traveled to Texas and helped those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. SERVPRO is working twenty-four-seven in restoring the communities that have had significant damage since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. We are proud to be helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey return to their homes and rebuild their communities.

On the tail end of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma came in strong with vengeance in the state of Florida.  She whirled through and came in strong.  As a result, it activated more SERVPRO Storm teams to come in the devastated areas. 

SERVPRO'S from all over the country came to aid to most of these areas.  We have been working tirelessly around the clock to help those in need. 

We love what we do.

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

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Whether battling the cold and wet weather, or you are making sure your plumbing is secure, preventative actions should be taken against water damages to your home. 

To protect your home from the outside elements you can:

  • Make sure your home does not have peeling paint around windows or doors, in which water can easily damage the homes structure.
  • Look for leaks around chimneys and plumbing and attic vents
  • Make sure your air conditioner drains correctly, at a slope, away from outlets.

To prevent water damage that would originate from your plumbing and pipes:

  • Wrap outside faucets
  • Caulk pipes where they meet your home
  • Disconnect garden hoses
  • Drain in-ground sprinkler systems
  • If your leaving your home for an extended period of time, turn off and drain your water system

Water Damage Precautions

10/13/2017 (Permalink)

Flooded Home

Extra precaution should be taken when walking into a flooded area. You should dress protectively when entering a flooded area to lower the risk of injuring yourself on something that is not visible in the water.  Any food that has come in contact with flood waters or areas that may have been contaminated must be thrown out. Even if food is properly sealed or canned, it should still be considered contaminated. If furniture is lightly damaged and can be restored, there are a few things you can do to ensure that those items are recovered. You can start by propping cushions up for drying and keep drapes above water level to hang dry and keep from getting further damage. Wipe dirt from surfaces before doing your primary clean. 

Water Damage Tips

9/13/2017 (Permalink)

  • Shut off the source of water, or call those who have the authority to stop the water source

  • Make sure you are safe from electrical shock before turning off circuit breakers for the parts of the building that have been affected by the water damage

  • Hang drapes with coat hangers to keep them from in contact with wet floors and carpets
  • Remove wet furniture to prevent further damage and uneven drying as long as the furniture has not been contaminated
  • If sewage is involved in your water damage, the water is contaminated and you must avoid contact with the water as well as items contaminated by the water

  • Wash your hands after handling any water damage or items that have been in contact with the water damage 

The Power of Four

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The Power of Four

These four individuals are a powerful group.  They think outside the box and came up with some great ideas. They love and take pride in what they do. Within the building industry they are coming up with new and unique ways to improve our relations.  Most recently they tolled out a new plan that has really been working for us.  The amount of Emergency Ready Plans this team has prepared are amazing.  The go into buildings and point out all the potential issues, tag specific areas with cautions and help put together a written plan on what to do if an emergency arises. They pass the message on that SERVPRO is here to help.  They give the customer a binder or thumb drive whichever the customer prefers.  We also now have a mobile app for this as well.

School re-opens

8/31/2016 (Permalink)

School gets re-opened

SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere was able to help three schools at the same time to get opened for school in the nick of time.  Schools were closed for the summer time and they wanted them back up in tip top shape for the students to return to a clean environment.  Some of the schools gave little time and strict constraints in order to obtain the desired results!  It was quite a challenge but SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere came to the rescue and the challenge was met! These schools were able to re-open in time and it left both the administration and the staff very pleased with us! SERVPRO of Hockessin/Elsmere felt a strong sense of responsibility to not only the school, but the workers and students who were going to be returning to the school, and we could not have been more happier to help!