Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Duct Cleaning

One of our technicians is reaching into this duct system to do a final check on our cleaning. A small fire in this home caused soot to build up in the duct system that runs throughout the home.

Stove Top Fire

This photo shows the results of a stove top being left on and unattended for too long. It was eventually forgotten about and caught fire. The kitchen has severe soot damage due to the fire from the stove top coils.

New Desiccant

We put our new desiccant to work as soon as possible after this major storm. We had our new desiccant, a generator, and a lot of fans. It turned out to be quite the operation!

Kitchen Fire

This kitchen fire was caused by the stove being left on and unattended. You can see above where the stove used to be located the burn marks against the wall of where the fire had started.

SERVPRO Cleans Contents After Fire

A few of our technicians working hard to get contents cleaned and packed back up from a tragic house fire.  This is one of our cleaning bays where the contents come in dirty. They are inspected, taken out, cleaned and re-boxed.

Fire in the Office

This office fire was dowsed by an appropriately functioning sprinkler system installed throughout the building. Sprinkler systems have the potential to lower insurance rates by up to 15%. Make sure your building has an adequate system.

SERVPRO makes news

SERVPRO saves a family pet alive after fire. After this fire, while there was snow still on the ground, the family was distraught when the pet was missing.  SERVPRO of Newark found the pet buried in the debris alive the following day. No worries the pet survived and received medical care.