Storm Damage Photo Gallery

This Roof is High!

Check out the view our SERVPRO of Newark technician has while boarding up a roof.  I do not know about you but I could not be up there, even if I was tied off like they were.

Fallen Tree

During a summer windy storm a tree in the yard fell on a home.  The tree penetrated the roof and went into the bedroom. Luckily no one was in the bedroom during the night when the damage occurred.

New Desiccant is Put to Use!

We put our new desiccant to work as soon as possible after this major storm. We had our new desiccant, a generator, and a lot of fans. It turned out to be quite the operation!

Storm Damage at Newark School

SERVPRO demonstrates an unique way of drying a gym floor at a local Youth Center.  The results were successful. SERVPRO uses an unconventional method to control the humidity levels in the vast area.

Surprise Baby Shower

In the middle of our storm season, we threw a surprise baby shower for Katherine our office manager. We squeezed all the snacks, cake, presents, and celebrating into one morning as our busy storm season is picking up. 

Storm Damage

Look at what this storm did to this beautiful home! When big heavy winds come blowing through and high rains minor to major storm damage can occur.  We are SERVPRO of Newark and we are here to help.

Bob M. in Water up to waist

It is commom to find water up to our waists.  Especially during a storm when electric goes out! Here you can see a technician has his hands full on this water loss.