Commercial Photo Gallery

Desiccant & Generator In Use

Here is one of our generators and one of desiccants in use at a job site.  This building sustained water damage and needed us to dry it out properly and quickly. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Sometimes we clean cars for car dealerships that have been in accidents that cause a mess, or when upholstery inside the vehicles need cleaning. Here are some of our team members working on an upholstery cleaning.

Cold Temperatures & Bursting Pipes

Here you can see our bright green fans were set up in the lobby of this apartment building after a pipe had burst. During these extremely cold temperatures, pipes sometimes burst due to water freezing and expanding inside of them.

Water Damage Causes Ceiling to Collapse

This photo was taken in one of the many hotel rooms that had major water damage after a water line broke. You can see on the beds and carpet, that the ceiling fell down after filling with water.

Restaurant Duct Cleanings

Kitchen ventilation and ducts can get pretty dirty within a few weeks in a commercial restaurant. Grease, steam, and different oils eventually coat the machines and become a real hazard. Sometimes grease build ups are had to remove and call for professional cleaning assistance!

SERVPRO Restores Auditorium

Here is an auditorium to a music studio and art school. You can see in the photo that all of our fans across the seating are faced upward towards the ceiling. This is to circulate the air throughout the whole room and make sure to dry out the ceiling which was where the water damage had begun.

Unexpected Cleaning

Here are two guys sent to do a simple oven clean at a restaurant in the Newark area.  What should have been a task for two to four hours ended up being over eight hours! When SERVPRO of Newark pulled out the oven such a sight was to be found.  The team worked tirelessly through the night to get the job done.  We had to make sure the restaurant was able to re-open the next morning.

Honor Award

Tara poses with Kat with her cherished trophy for hard work! These trophies are just a reminder of all the hard work, dedication and hours put in to help all those in need.


SERVPRO helps school re-open. This school was in desperate need of help. The cold frigid weather froze a pipe and caused it to burst making a mess in the main hallways.