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Families in Brookside can Bring Fun into their Homes.

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

children drawing and making art from leaves SERVPRO is looking forward to seeing the wonderful creations that the children will make from home!

The Delaware Children’s Museum Provides At-Home Activity Kits for Families in Brookside

Families in Brookside and its surrounding cities all benefit from the educational programming at the Delaware Children’s Museum. Throughout 2020 and kicking off 2021, the Museum staff embraces its place as educators of young children and strives to make it easy for parents and caregivers to bring some of its magic home. Until in-person activities return in full, you can take advantage of the DCM Curbside Kits and bring them home for a fun family activity. Here’s more information on the kits-

  • You can order them via the website.
  • There are eight options to choose from, and prices are affordable.
  • Contactless curbside check-in takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-6:00 p.m.
  • Proceeds from the program help further the mission of the Museum- “Developing Creative Minds through Playful Learning.”

What better way to spend productive time as a family while supporting a local institution? And if your science experiment goes awry, you can always count on SERVPRO for fire cleanup and removal services. Our commercial and residential partners all count on us when accidents happen. We are quick to arrive at your place and start working towards full restoration.

SERVPRO of Newark is your ally in an emergency. Call us at (302) 733-7933 and let us leave your home or commercial property, “Like it never even happened.”

Have Fun with your Newark Friends as you Exercise your Mind

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

a logo that says trivia night It will be exciting to see the community competing in Lets Do Trivia!

Trivia Night in Newark is Fun and Engaging!

Christiana Pub, in Newark, hosts a remarkable Let’s Do Trivia! night right here in Newark. What better way to kick off 2021 than by joining fellow trivia lovers for an evening of prizes and a little friendly competition. Music will be playing in-between questions, and you can order food to make an evening of it. As you gather your team, keep in mind the following-

  • Let’s Do Trivia! will take place on January 20th at 7:00 p.m.
  • You can reserve tickets online, but it does not guarantee a seat at the venue.
  • Arrive early as the event is the first-come, first-served basis

The over 30 crowd is sure to have a fun evening out while forming a team with friends!

Just like you reach out to your expert friends for trivia night, you should also reach out to experts if you need restoration services when there’s flood damage to your home. At SERVPRO of Newark, this is our specialty area, and we show our knowledge every time we finish a job. Call us at (302) 733-7933 whenever you need us and let us get you a win by leaving your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Staycations in Newark Have a lot to Offer

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

a flooded bedroom with objects floating around Regardless of how the excess water gains entry into your home, extraction is key. Contact our team for more information about water removal services.

Explore Newark and its Surrounding Areas and Learn More about its Origins

Newark’s picturesque qualities are only rivaled by its proximity to other equally delightful towns. When you venture down Main Street for a shopping spree or only for a stroll, you find yourself in a vibrant and active college town with many things to do. If you want to explore a bit further, take a quick drive to nearby Wilmington, or explore state parks throughout the state.

Perhaps one of Newark's main reasons for being so lively is the student population the University of Delaware houses. Dating back to colonial times, three signers of the Declaration of Independence and one signer of our nation’s Constitution graced the University of Delaware’s campus. Furthermore, Joe Biden, 46th President of the United States, is a proud Blue Hen Alumni, class of 1965. The school’s focus on academics, culture, and civic engagement can also be felt beyond its Newark Campus. Its location in Wilmington, Dover, Lewes, and Georgetown also brings vitality to neighboring communities. Although its name didn’t become official until 1921, its roots can be traced to 1743, when it was known as Newark College. Today, over 23,000 students uphold the school’s values and leave their mark in the world.

Relive History in Newark

Whether you are a history buff or just like capturing the occasional anecdote, there are several landmarks for you to visit while in Newark. If you like being outdoors, you can venture on the James F. Hall Trail, a paved path nearly two miles long in what used to be railroad tracks. 

Its family-friendly route provides easy access to several city parks offering picnic areas and playgrounds. The Pomeroy and Newark Trail cross paths with the James F. Hall Trail and give you another route to venture on. Signs along the way explain the history of the area for all to traverse it. Among other places to visit in Newark, make sure to include-

  • Newark History Museum- Home of the 1877 train station in town, this museum houses several galleries that help tell the city's story from inception to today. Railroad fans may enjoy the building itself as well, and it is part of the James F. Hall Trail, so you can make it a stop along your field trip on the Trail.
  • The Pencader Heritage Museum- Although it operates on a limited schedule, it is an excellent resource for those interested in the Pencader Hundred. Its Cooch Room displays mementos of the Cooch family and other period pieces illustrating life at the time. In contrast, guests are also invited to view and touch the remains of an M-48 tank built in Newark by the Chrysler Corporation.
  • Iron Hill School No. 112C- Located a short drive from Newark, it is a one-room building recognized in the National Register of Historic Places since 1995. 
  • Pierre S. du Pont funded the structure, and it was used for African-American students until desegregation occurred in Iron Hill in 1965.
  • University of Delaware Museums and Special Collections- Also worth a visit are the different collections and exhibits associated with the University of Delaware. There is much to see in its collections, celebrating the area’s heritage, culture, and arts. Visit their website for updated exhibits.

Exploring Beyond Newark

Once you are done exploring Newark, or if you want to venture further, Wilmington is a great place to visit. Recognized as the largest city in the state, it is built on the site for the first Swedish settlement in the U.S. Lying on the Christina and Brandywine rivers' intersection. Thomas Penn named it in honor of his friend Spencer Compton, also known as the Earl of Wilmington.

Many do not know how important Swedish settlements were at the time Wilmington was founded. Fort Christina, the first Swedish settlement, is but one of the settlements that eventually became part of the greater metropolitan area. Others include Timber Island, Sidoland, and Strandviken, among others. Even before Swedish settlements, the Lenape inhabited the area. Much like their lands were taken over by the Swedish, the British displaced them as colonization occurred.

Perhaps one of the most famous names in Delaware history, Eleuthère Irénée du Pont, changed Wilmington's course forever when it began manufacturing gunpowder in 1802. Since then, the DuPont company continued to be essential for the military and continues to play a role in the Delaware economy today.

The Nemours Estate, the Wilmington Riverwalk, the Hagley Museum and Library, and the Delaware Children's Museum are a few of the most popular destinations in Wilmington. Just a short drive away from Newark, it is the perfect complement for residents and visitors alike.

Preserving your Newark Home

The rich history of Newark is not limited to historical sites. Many homes also hold our nation’s heritage within its walls, but they are not immune to the passage of time. Whether your home is old or new, water damage repairs may be necessary if a pipe leak or stormwater makes its way into it. Luckily, SERVPRO is on-call around the clock to help our community when disasters happen.

Extracting water from a home requires a professional crew that can closely monitor humidity levels and adjust accordingly. Dehumidifiers and air movers could be detrimental to elements such as hardwood floors if timing and intensity are not commensurate with the damage. Our SERVPRO crew habitually works under challenging environments and has the track record to prove our success in restoring dwellings throughout our area.

If you want to protect your home and health, give SERVPRO of Newark a call at (302) 733-7933 as soon as the incident happens. Let our expert team arrive at your home, taking all the necessary safety precautions and working diligently until your home looks and feels, “Like it never even happened.”

Santa Comes to Newark!

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

Glasgow Park barn image See Santa and enjoy a holiday light display as SERVPRO helps prepare your business property for the year to come with a commercial mold inspection.

Newark Residents Get in the Holiday Spirit at Glasgow Park

This year has been challenging for many in Newark, but the upcoming holidays are a reason to celebrate. To make it festive while maintaining social distance and keep safety in mind, Glasgow Park is inviting one and all to hop in their cars and drive through its holiday display. What should you expect from this adventure?

  • Santa! Spot him from the comfort of your own car
  • A display of lights and decorations you can view while maintaining social distance
  • Free admission

Rockwood Park will also join in the fun and will offer the display December 4-6, while Glasgow Park will be open December 11 & 12. Let the joy of the holidays bring you to cheer and prepare you to welcome 2021!

As you also prepare your business for 2021, remember to add a commercial mold inspection to your to-do list. Being pre-emptive can avoid more significant problems in the future, and SERVPRO is here to help you. 

Call SERVPRO of Newark at (302) 733-7933 before disaster strikes, and let us come to you. We are committed to restoring your business, so it runs in 2021, “Like it never even happened.”

Learn Something New Close to Your Brookside Home

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

Iron Hill Science Center Enjoy learning and exploring at the Iron Hill Science Center, while SERVPRO eliminates damages left by a fire in your home.

The Iron Hill Science Center near Brookside Encourages Learning and Exploration

Not far from Brookside, the Iron Hill Science Center safely opens its doors to visitors of all ages for adventures in exploration. It is a relatively new attraction operated by the Delaware Academy of Science and brings many interactive opportunities for budding scientists to experience. Some of their permanent exhibits include-

  • The Taxidermy Collection
  • The Delaware Prehistoric Sea Life
  • The Rocks and Minerals Exhibit

Although it still operates at limited capacity due to the current health crisis, the Center has designed some programming to be available online to complement in-person visits. 

Scouts should be on the lookout for its monthly zoom meetings helpful in attaining Scout merit badges. On December 5th, 2020, participants will learn about mammals, their habitats, and how to build a shelter for them. 

This session helps achieve an elective merit badge for the William T. Hornaday awards.

Just like scouts prepare for life, so does our SERVPRO team prepare for emergencies. When fire damage restoration is needed after a home fire, our professional team is ready to help. With the best and latest in industry technology, we work hard to minimize the disruption to your home.  

When you call SERVPRO of Newark at (302) 733-7933, you can count on us working diligently until your home looks and feels “Like it never even happened.”

Newark Invites Visitors and Residents to Learn More About Our Nation’s History

11/24/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO provides exceptional restoration services throughout Newark and surrounding areas. Call us right away for service in your home or business.

From the Revolutionary War to Today, Newark is Steadfast in Being a Close-knit Community

Newark is often confused with its namesake in New Jersey, but it is famous in its own right. 

Established in 1694 by Welsh and Irish-Scot settlers, it became official when George II of Great Britain granted its charter in 1758. Its growth parallels our nation's development, and it has earned the city a role in history. Beautiful surroundings and community support make it a great place to live, work, and play.

Education has played an essential role in the area’s development, starting with the relocation in 1765 of a school from New London, PA to Newark, which became the Newark Academy. Many notable men were educated at the school, and the University of Delaware's origin can be traced to its existence. James Smith, George Read, and Thomas McKean, all signers of the Declaration of Independence, were educated at the Newark Academy. In 1883, Newark College was chartered and later joined forces with the Academy to become Delaware College. Eventually, the College would become the University of Delaware in 1921. 

The Stars and Stripes are also said to have flown in battle for the first time right outside Newark at the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge. This critical battle of the American Revolutionary War in 1777 was the only battle fought in Delaware. British General Cornwallis and General Washington engaged south of Cooch’s Bridge. Sadly, Colonial troops were overpowered by the British and forced to retreat. Following this triumph, British forces advanced to successfully fight the Battle of Brandywine and eventually capture Philadelphia, the capital at that time.

In 1758, King George II authorized weekly markets in Newark for the exchange of goods. Still, it wasn’t until forty years later that the first industrial endeavor became a reality when the Curtis Paper Mill was founded. The Mill operated until 1997and it was the oldest paper mill in the nation until that time. Methodists built the first church in the town in 1812, and in 1837 Newark welcomed the railroad system.

In the 20th century, the Chrysler Newark Assembly Plant became one of the top employers and revenue-generating industries. Built in 1951, it was intended to make tanks for the Army within its sizable facility. Starting in 1957, Plymouth and Dodge vehicles were produced in this assembly plant, which remained open until the 2008 recession when it was forced to close down. Following its closure, the University of Delaware bought the land to develop a site for research and development and grow the University’s footprint.

Naturally, early descriptions of Newark and its surroundings share the agricultural nature of the area. Despite its origin, it is now marked by housing developments even if it remains close to farming communities in close-by Pennsylvania and Maryland. Newark is exceptionally close to “The Wedge,” where Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware meet. It is also surrounded by extensive public parkland, which provides many options for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking are all popular among the residents. Newark is also known for its role in developing figure skating athletes and serves as a training site for notable names in this field. The University of Delaware Figure Skating Club (an independent organization) started in 1986 and facilitates year-round training for amateurs and Olympians alike.

What to do while in Newark?

People of all ages can find something to do while visiting Newark, and some of the most popular locations are listed below.

  • White Clay Creek State Park- Anglers, rejoice! White Clay Creek offers plentiful fish for anglers of all levels. Whether you prefer fly-fishing or just trying your luck at the Creek’s edge, you should enjoy your visit. If fishing is not your preference, just explore one or several of the trails the park offers while paying close attention to the historical references along the way. The Chambers House Nature Center presents the history of the park and the context under which it was established. Seasonal hours apply, and they’re updated on their website.

  • Glasgow Park- Another great option to enjoy the outdoors, Bear Mountain is one of the trails most people enjoy while visiting Glasgow Park. It is a popular destination for sledding and particularly significant given Newark’s lack of elevation. Dogs, ice skaters, and children with different abilities can all find their home at Glasgow, making it one of the most popular spots for residents and visitors alike.

  • Bob Carpenter Center- This multi-purpose arena opened in 1992 is home to basketball teams and events, including concerts, rallies, and conferences. If you seek an indoor venue to spend a few hours watching a sport or performance, make sure to check “The Bob’s” calendar of events posted online.

Restoration of Your Newark Home

Our nation’s history can be appreciated throughout Newark, and many of our buildings date back many years. Being mindful of older building practices and materials is an essential step in remaining attentive to any threat to our home. However, something as simple as an electrical malfunction could ignite a fire and threaten all we hold dear. When accidents happen, and fire damage restoration becomes a need, SERVPRO is here to help.

We are part of the community, and our team operates under the most advanced best practices for the water and fire restoration industry. At SERVPRO, we strive to be quick and efficient, so damage doesn’t expand any further. We apply industrial-grade water removal equipment while we target cleaning solutions to remove soot and smoke from your home. Once you call our 24/7 hotline, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands during this emergency.

SERVPRO of Newark is at your service whenever you need us. We are your partner in coordinating all the moving parts of a restoration effort, including insurance, contractors, move-outs, and specialty drying solutions. When you call us at (302) 733-7933, you immediately gain access to the best in the field. Just like you, we want to minimize your loss and restore your home quickly, so the disaster feels, “Like it never even happened.”

New Thanksgiving Event in Newark

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Vehicle This Thanksgiving, give thanks and give back to the community and give SERVPRO a call if you need assistance with commercial water damage cleanup.

Help Newark Celebrate What We Can Still Be Thankful For

On Thanksgiving morning, the Parks and Recreation Department (PRD) will be hosting its first Thankful for you Drive-Thru. It replaces their Thanksgiving Breakfast, which has been canceled due to the pandemic. 

Participants arriving at the George Wilson Center on November 26th will be directed to stations in the parking lot for coffee, donuts, fruit, and a Thanksgiving greeting from familiar faces. While the format has changed, the goal has not. Newark is here to help everyone through the holidays and, hopefully, the end of some very rough times.

Opportunities to Give Back Too 

If you have the means this year, PRD volunteers are also thrilled to receive donations for the following charities and services:

  • Coats for the Sunday Breakfast Mission
  • Delaware Food Bank (canned goods only)
  • Toys for Tots (unwrapped, please) 

The Drive-Thru event runs from 8-10 am; just be certain to sign-up by the 20th, by 5 pm.

SERVPRO of Newark is thankful to be a part of our proud community. If you require commercial water damage cleanup in your Newark business, call us at (302) 733-7933 today to schedule a service visit. 

Thanksgiving Day Breakfast for Newark, DE Residents

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

brick building with fire coming out of the windows from inside It will be exciting to see the community at the annual Thanksgiving day breakfast in Newark!

Thankful for Amazing Food with the Annual Newark Thanksgiving Day Breakfast

The Thanksgiving Day Breakfast has become a Newark tradition. Despite the pandemic, there will still be food to be thankful for, just with revisions. This year, the Thanksgiving Day Breakfast is transforming into the Thankful for You Drive-Thru event for the Newark area residents. In order to enjoy a delicious meal, all you have to do is drive through on Thanksgiving morning, and you will have offerings available such as donuts, coffee, fresh fruit, and much more.

  • Date: Thursday, November 26, 2020
  • Time: 8 am to 10 am
  • Where: George Wilson Center at 303 New London Road in Newark, DE
  • Cost: Free of charge, donations welcome.

Pre-registration for this event must be complete by Friday, November 20, 2020, at 5 pm. Donations are being accepted, including Toys for Tots, canned goods for the food bank, and coats for the Sunday Breakfast Mission.

When anyone in the community has a fire in their home, SERVPRO of Newark is here to assist with professional fire damage restoration methods. Call us at (302) 733-7933 to have a team sent to your property 24/7 for emergency services.

How Does Basement Flood Cleanup Work in Newark?

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property - image of boots on wet floor With a quick phone call to SERVPRO of Newark at (302) 733-7933 when you need skilled flood damage assistance.

SERVPRO’s Flood Damage Experts Initiate Crucial First Steps to Address Flooding in Your Newark Basement

Flooding at the lowest point in your home can happen when major storms come through the Newark area. If you have basement flooding, you may have issues from improper drainage all around the basement walls. Whether you have a problem with your storm drain, a malfunctioning sump pump, or a storm surge came in unexpectedly, SERVPRO is available to handle the cleanup. It is crucial that you have all standing water removed as quickly as possible, followed by drying, contents restoration, and controlled demolition as needed. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, so you can count on your home getting restored faster than DIY methods could ever achieve.

What Actions Can I Take?
When you have basement flood damage in Newark, it is paramount that you think of safety first. You might be able to initiate water removal until our Green Fleet arrives, but you need to ensure everything is safe before venturing into the basement.

    •    Flooding in the basement can bring electrical hazards for you as well as family members.
    •    There are hidden dangers due to slip and fall or injury from debris that may be present with flooded basements.
    •    Any stormwater coming into your home will have some level of contamination.

It is also important to note that flooded zones within your home can become the ultimate dangerous bacterial growth atmosphere. Mold spores multiply when the environment is wet. Still, our IICRC-certified technicians know how to mitigate this fungal growth to keep the hyphae from spreading into unaffected areas of your home.

If you have any flooding in your basement or lower level of your home, it is best that you remember every minute counts. Without prompt action, you could face issues such as extensive damage to your:
    •    Carpeting and padding below
    •    Subfloors and baseboards
    •    Ceilings
    •    Walls and structural elements
    •    Electronics and wiring
    •    Personal belongings, and more

With a quick phone call to SERVPRO of Newark at (302) 733-7933 when you need skilled flood damage assistance. We have the advanced technology and proven methods to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Does Your Company Provide Reconstruction Services?

10/24/2020 (Permalink)

"SERVPRO" logo SERVPRO handles every aspect of your home's water damage. Call today for assistance.

SERVPRO Provides Many Reconstruction, Restoration and Remediation Services.

Many Newark clients are unaware that water leaking from a pipe or overflowing from a sink can often cause permanent damage to carpeting, particleboard, and drywall. Water can cause carpets to delaminate, and materials made from compressed materials to absorb water and swell. These items must be replaced and require some level of construction after all moisture is removed.

SERVPRO has operated in the community of Newark since 1990, providing water damage mitigation and reconstruction services, as well as fire, storm, and flood recovery services. We also hold residential and commercial contracting licenses permitting our company to provide various reconstruction services, including drywall, carpet, flooring, and cabinet installation, to return your home to its original condition.

Our SERVPRO team handles all aspects of the project, including:

Water removal and drying

Removal of permanently damaged items, including structural components

Installation and restoration

Coordination of the project until your home is as good as new, “Like it never even happened.”

Does Your Company Use Chemicals Harmful to Children and Pets?

After a water leak or spill, one of the most harmful contaminants is the potential for mold and mildew to establish an infestation. There may be bacteria in the area as well. These can cause health effects. For example, mold can begin within 24 to 48 hours after a water leak. SERVPRO can be at your home within 4 hours of being called, and we are available 24/7. A fast response can prevent these contaminants from causing harm to your family and pets.

Our team follows a well-established process to prevent the growth of mold and mildew:

Contain the source of water

Vacuum water from carpets and hidden recessed areas

Remove items for drying, repair, or disposal

Dry your home with the use of air movers and dehumidifiers

Apply antimicrobial sprays if required

Our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians and address all of your questions regarding mold contamination and toxicity of any chemicals used in the process.

Call SERVPRO of Newark (302) 733-7933 to help with water damage and restoration of your home.