What our Customers say...


Your great staff made this water damage as painless as possible. I know this kind of service can't be given by most other companies and made such a difference in handling this setback in my home.

I can't believe how much of my belongings SERVPRO was able to clean and return to me. I was ready to say goodbye to a lot of my belongings after the fire but thanks to your great employees I didn't have to.

It is so stressful to have your house damaged like ours was but it felt like no time before your guys had mended the situation. Anthony and the whole operation was great. I will be recommending SERVPRO to everyone in the neighborhood. 

I was so impressed with your level of service. It is not often that you feel so taken care of in these situations but the fact that one of your employees followed up with me the next week really shows how seriously you take customer service.

I would like to say thank you for your quick response and great manners while taking care of my father's home. It was hard for me to be there with my dad through the whole process but that was no problem with your experts. Your team is so well mannered and respectful. Thank you.

Someone really could have gotten hurt on our site and everyone that showed up was so professional and safe. It was so important to our company to have the site under control quickly and that is exactly what SERVPRO helped us accomplish.

...I didn't know how to handle the mold in my basement or if I was safe. Thank you for explaining to me the whole process and making sure I was at ease about everything. I totally trusted your team with my house.

You surprised us with how many belongings you were able to clean and bring back to my home after the fire. Thank you so much for making this process easier on my family and I.

It was great how quickly your team worked. Your guys were reliable and I was happy to not have to close my business for any amount of time!

It was great how quickly your team took care of everything. Your guys were reliable and I was happy to not have to close my business for any amount of time!

I was happy with how much SERVPRO was able to restore after the storm. I figured most of my furniture was ruined. Your team came in and brought my basement back to life!

Thank you so very much for the kindness that SERVPRO has shown me. You were so helpful at a time that we really needed it. I will be recommending your services in the future.

We had such a catastrophic loss at our home and we really felt like SERVPRO took care of us throughout the whole process. Their kindness and care makes such a difference at a time like that.

Your team was super nice, fast, and trustworthy. I had no problem letting them do whatever they needed to because they kept me in the loop the whole time. I'll be using you guys again if I need to!

Finding mold in your home can be alarming and concerning and once we called SERVPRO, it was handled right away. Your service was so quick which was great!

With our clients having to be moved to a new location, we were really happy with how quick SERVPRO worked. We were able to get them back in their home in less than two weeks and that is thanks to your production team!

Excellent customer service and extremely professional! James and Joel were fantastic, honest, and very careful in my home. I would highly recommend! 

Our fire was small and didn't damage anything in our home but we were couldn't remove the smoky smell. SERVPRO came in and took care of it with no problem and in no time at all. There isn't even a hint of smoke in the house now! You guys were great!

SERVPRO came in and worked quickly without disturbing any of our guests. There manners and quick work is why we will always call them.

We had a huge leak in the middle of our construction site all down a stairway. SERVPRO worked around our site and the stairway with no problem!

Our building was flooded pretty bad. Your team was here right away and kept me up to date with the progress the whole time. Now I know I have a company I can rely on.

I cannot express my gratitude for your company.  It was a blistery day and the tree just swiped the roof.  I knew it was difficult for your team to work in those conditions.  I was amazed that first you had a team of 5 men come out and then 2 more showed and another team of 3 and then 5 more.  You just kept multiplying.  I had to leave at some point to get rest and knowing this was a big property I understood you needed to do your work.  I felt like I could trust each and every one of your people.  We did rewind the cameras though and saw your team just worked the entire time.  To me and my team that is amazing......

I liked how your mitigation team explained everything to me two times.  I sometimes do not understand things and they were very patient with me.  People sometimes do not understand that and your team did.

Your men clearly explained the process and steps they were going to use to get rid of my problem.  I liked the way they took off their (work) suits so my neighbors did not think I had some bad infestation of some sort. Your team was sensitive to my needs. I think they really cared about me. I wanted to personally thank you for that.

I could not stop thinking of how I was going to deal with the project that I was put to do. We called in several companies for estimates. SERVPRO was not the cheapest but I felt the most comfortable with your estimator.  Sean was knowledgeable and pointed things out to me that neither of the other two companies did not see.  Choosing SERVPRO was the best decision and I do not regret paying the little extra. Thank you for your help.

SERVPRO was very professional, polite and prompt every day.  I was impressed with the level of service in our tight secured area. Thank you for making this an easier issue for us.

I would use your SERVPRO who assisted me during my loss for future cleaning needs.  I hope I never need you again for a fire loss, because I hope I never have another one, but I would use you again for other services.

I felt confident in the knowledge of your estimator that came to the home I was renting.  He knew how to talk to my tenant and he knew how to talk to me separately.  That means a world of difference. So professional!

I believe you are the best service company that exists. I have had different companies do work at our home and I must say your company is hands down the easiest people to work with. I thank you for that.

SERVPRO went above and beyond my expectations. Definitely a pleased customer.

Thank you for a job well done. Your SERVPRO is a great company. Thanks for your quick response.

I would have been lost without you.  I cannot imagine reliving what we went through.  Your men you sent were discreet and tried to show empathy.  I know it must be difficult doing what you do all the time and I just want to express how thankful I am.  I never knew there were companies like you.  Thank you, thank you and thank you.

SERVPRO is second to none! Your team was always smiling and polite.  Their knowledge shows the training they have been through.  I was very impressed with the results. I thank you for having such a wonderful group of people.

Thank you for getting our rental home ready for the next tenant.  It would have been impossible for us to do on our own. Your team was always prompt and called when they were on their way.  Such a lovely team to work with!

I want to commend you team and entire staff for their professionalism throughout the entire process of our disaster.  I hope I never have to use you again, but I will if we incur such another disaster.

Thank You,


Christy from Newark Delaware says SERVPRO was very professional and had great prompt service. Keep up the great work.